Recap: Ring 216 October Events

This month we held our highly anticipated Annual Close Up Competition with 6 amazing performances.  As Masters of Ceremony, Cal Tong lead the competitors through 3 Close Up Stations strategically placed in different locations in the room.  Each competitor repeated their close up act three times throughout the evening.  The 3 stations each contained 5 to 7 audience members per station.  This year’s highly skilled and entertaining competitors included new Ring 216 Member David Martinez, Professor Aldrian Estepa, Past President Doug Eakin, Vice President Raahul Srinivasan, the Amazing Alan Leeds, and Sergeant at Arms John Jones.  Memorable moments included David’s Triumph, Aldrian’s Card Transformations, Doug Eakin’s Dramatic Card Routine, Raahul’s Paste Board Miracles, Alan’s original Coin and Glass Act, and John Jones's visual coin magic.  The ballots were calculated at the end of the evening and the winners were announced to the audience.  Doug Eakin won first place, Alan Leeds won 2nd place, and Raahul Srinivasan and Adrian Estepa tied for 3rd place.  Great job by all the competitors!

Close-up Competition Magicians