Meeting Report - April 13, 2022: First Live/Zoom Hybrid Meeting

 Ring 216 held its first in-person meeting in two years, on April 13, 2022. The group had been only online since Covid started. Tonight was the first experiment with a hybrid meeting combining in-person attendance at the Yu-Ai Kai Center with people on Zoom; there were about twice as many people attending live as on line.


The evening began with people re-introducing themselves. The in person group included Ring president Dave Martinez, vice-president John Morgan, treasurer Tom Collett, and web master Dan Chan, long time members Fred Rassmussen, Jim Blashek, Cary Klenetsky, Joe Oliverio, and several new or recent members, among them Magic Jeanie of the San Jose Magic shop, Jeff Frend, Codie Nichols and Destiny of Dragon Theater (as well as people whose names escaped the Ring secretary).   


President David Martinez commented on how well the Ring has done with Zoom lectures, hearing lecturers from distant places whom we could not have gotten live. So we may keep doing Zoom lectures a few times a year. Jim Blashek noted that, at  the passing of Ken Gielow, Ken’s family had donated all his magic to Jim, who invited people to come and buy with all money going to magic groups. Tom Collett reminded us the Sunnyvale Wine Stroll, where many magicians were performing, was coming May 7. Tom and Jeanie shared stories of what they were doing in magic and what books they were reading: Jim recommended Steve Cohen’s Malini book, Codie “Journeys into Black” by Eugene Poinc for storytelling magic.


Then gave the open performance section of the evening. John did an effect with five red cards that turned into black cards; Jeff divined a spectator’s Zodiac sign; Carey gave a card cheating demonstration in which the spectator dealt themselves a royal flush; David tried out a guilt-driven presentation about cheating spectators who selected cards from two decks; a new participant gave a creative presentation with a signed sticker marking a card. Dan pulled a selected card out of Instagram, Tom changed the color of handkerchiefs to match his suit, and Codie divined a spectator’s hidden drawing. Feedback was given by the audience and was much appreciated by the performers.


The people on Zoom were able to see and hear everything that proceeded, thanks to the concern shown by the people on site to address the camera - two years of being on Zoom until tonight had left its imprint. The hybrid meeting seemed a success and another was planned for the following month.

Coming April 13: First In-Person Meeting in 2 years!

 Hey, remember what it was like to meet in person? Guess what? That's what we're going to do on for our April meeting!

DATE: April 13, 2022

TIME: 7:30 p.m. PST

LOCATION: Yu-Ai Kai Senior Center, 588 N. 4th St., San Jose

Food and drinks will be provided!


7:30ish - Announcements and social time... Share personal updates, books, ideas

8:30ish - Open performances... Show us what you've been working on!


We will bring a computer and stream the event live on Zoom. But we honestly don't know what the experience will be like for remote members. This is an experiment and we are looking for ideas to improve.

The good news is that we believe Zoom lectures are here to stay. They are a great way to bring in big name magicians who can't travel all the way to us. Stay tuned for additional information.