Coming Sept. 12: Walk-Around Competition

Mark your calendars. Bring your friends.

The 2018 Walk-Around Magic Competition is just a few weeks away — Wednesday, Sept. 12. Come on out to support your fellow magicians as they present their best material in a walk-around setting. And since magic is always better when there are more people to enjoy it, bring your friends and family!

The performances start at 7:30 p.m. sharp! We'll be at our usual location at Yu-Ai Kai Senior Center, 588 North 4th Street, San Jose, CA.

There's still time to sign up.

Whether you're a past winner, a brand-new entrant, or something in between, now's your chance to share your routines and show off your skills. This is a great, low-stress way to hone your act and get feedback. Remember: The goal is to do your best and not focus on winning. Just have fun!

If you're thinking of competing, please keep in mind the following information:
  • The room will be set up as if you're at a cocktail party doing walk-around magic. People will be in different types of situations: some standing, some sitting, some with tables, some holding drinks. Your job is to entertain them in a short amount of time under the conditions you have.
  • All paid members are allowed to compete. If you're new to the club, you have to attend at least three meetings this year to become a member.
  • Acts should be around 6 minutes long, so start timing yourself. (Depending on the number of participants, this number may be larger or smaller.)
  • If you've won in the past, you are free to compete, but you have to perform a different act.
Check out all the competition rules.

How to Sign Up

Just send an email to

Meeting Report: August 8, 2018 - Open Performance Night

An open performance night with a twist highlighted the August meeting of Ring 216. On this night, the volunteer performers were separated into three small groups which visited in turn audience members at three separate tables. This gave more performing opportunities and a more intimate setting, with the opportunity for instant give-and-take sessions on each performance.

In Group 1, John Jay performed a coins across, Tom Collett jumping knots with red and white silks, Sohum Modha an amazing matching of cards randomly stopped at, and Don White his lucky coin that multiplied into poker chips.

The Group 2 illusions included new member Vickie Jasinsky’s location of one selected card out of twenty-one, Mitch Kothe’s ESP cards prediction, Tetra’s magic finger ring routine and unique three-gear flight.

For Group 3, Cal Tong work-shopped his new copper-silver-brass coin routine, Ken King transported a selected card from a padlocked deck, and Fred Lee showed off a four-coin routine.

The evening closed with the reassembling of the audience for a reprise of some of the performances before the entire group. The new performing format was found by all to be refreshing and a fine aid in developing performing skills.