Coming Sept. 12: Walk-Around Competition

Mark your calendars. Bring your friends.

The 2018 Walk-Around Magic Competition is just a few weeks away — Wednesday, Sept. 12. Come on out to support your fellow magicians as they present their best material in a walk-around setting. And since magic is always better when there are more people to enjoy it, bring your friends and family!

The performances start at 7:30 p.m. sharp! We'll be at our usual location at Yu-Ai Kai Senior Center, 588 North 4th Street, San Jose, CA.

There's still time to sign up.

Whether you're a past winner, a brand-new entrant, or something in between, now's your chance to share your routines and show off your skills. This is a great, low-stress way to hone your act and get feedback. Remember: The goal is to do your best and not focus on winning. Just have fun!

If you're thinking of competing, please keep in mind the following information:
  • The room will be set up as if you're at a cocktail party doing walk-around magic. People will be in different types of situations: some standing, some sitting, some with tables, some holding drinks. Your job is to entertain them in a short amount of time under the conditions you have.
  • All paid members are allowed to compete. If you're new to the club, you have to attend at least three meetings this year to become a member.
  • Acts should be around 6 minutes long, so start timing yourself. (Depending on the number of participants, this number may be larger or smaller.)
  • If you've won in the past, you are free to compete, but you have to perform a different act.
Check out all the competition rules.

How to Sign Up

Just send an email to