Meeting Report - Dec 8 2021: Remote Magic Competition

   The Second Annual Ring 216 Remote Magic Competition, Omicron Edition, was held over Zoom on December 8, 2021. This year there were six performers interacting with an onscreen audience of more than thirty households.

  Satvik Balakrishnan started the evening off, using fire to make all the candy names listed on a piece of paper vanish except the candy previously chosen by a spectator. James Chan showed his prowess with the Three Shell Game. Dan Chan instantly solved a Rubik’s cube and performed a psychological Stroop word/color test that resulted in a prediction of a spectator’s chosen color and the production of a selected drink.

   Meriam al-Sultan had two spectators choose cards from two decks; the decks were shuffled, and then in a series of choices the spectators themselves found their cards again. Then she tore the two cards and magically fused the halves together to make new combined cards, which she gave away (by mail).

   Bri “the Elf” Crabtree charmed with her display of a ring that repeatedly penetrated onto a rope. Mitch Kothe mystified with a set of card foolers.

   First place in the competition went to Bri the Elf. Second place went to Meriam. And all of the performances were enjoyable. Thank you, performers!

   Tom C. was the tech and vote manager, Gary G. was the master of ceremonies.

Coming Dec. 8: Ring 216 Virtual Magic Competition

As you know, Ring 216 normally holds three separate competitions every year. Since we're still not ready to meet in person, we've decided to hold our 2021 magic competition online again this year. Join us to enjoy some fun magic. And share the link with all your friends, too. 

DATE: Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021 
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PST 
HOW: Live online via Zoom (link sent via email)

 If you would like to perform, we're taking signups now! 

Competition rules 
  • Perform an act up to 6 minutes long broadcast from your location on Zoom 
  • The act must be live, not pre-recorded 
  • You may call on audience helpers over Zoom to help, but no stooges allowed 
  • You can also use an assistant at your location 
  • Voting will be done online and will encompass the same categories as the regular competitions 
  • Make sure your lighting, camera, and sound are acceptable so that people can enjoy the performance 
  • No adult-oriented material or danger acts 
  • Only paid-up members of Ring 216 for 2021 are eligible to perform 
  • We'll invite non-magicians to enjoy the show and possibly vote for a people's choice
Interested in competing? Send email to

Coming Nov. 10: Spotlight on Local Magic II

Our September Spotlight was such a big hit that we've decided to try it again!

This month, we're inviting two more local magic luminaries for an evening of magic and conversation:

  • Kevin Blake, San Francisco illusionist (
  • Adam Cheyer, creator of Siri and local magic luminary

Kevin and Adam will tell stories, share some magic, and answer questions.

Kevin and Adam have generously offered their time for this special Ring 216 event, so let's plan to give them a very warm welcome!

DATE: Nov. 10, 2021

TIME: 7:30 p.m. PT

HOW: Live online via Zoom

SPECIAL NOTE: This Zoom meeting free for everyone on the mailing list! You don't have to be a paid Ring 216 member to enjoy this experience.

Meeting Report: Oct 13 2021 - Focus on Learning and Performing

The theme was “Focus on Learning and Performing” at the October 13, 2021 remote meeting of Ring 216 (over Zoom). John Morgan lectured on how to achieve a clear and resonant voice without straining your throat. He led everyone in a series of exercises, and soon everyone was sounding like a professional speaker. Then Tom Collett presented a talk full of tips on how to make a handkerchief disappear and streamers appear; everyone gave him two thumbs up!

There followed a sharing section on recent books and effects people enjoyed. Then came the open performance and workshop portion of the evening. New attendee Jonathan Chen made cards change size and instantly solved a Rubik’s Cube. Paprika tried out a new script she was working on for the linking rings. Rafael found two cards that a remote spectator had chosen from their own deck. Grant Gomez made three coins appear, teleport, and disappear. Vijay K predicted which card a spectator will name. David Martinez employed the help of an innocent toy in divining the word a spectator chose from any page in a book. Afterwards the audience provided helpful comments to the performers.

Coming Oct. 13: Focus on learning and performing


Join your friends in magic for our October Ring 216 meeting where we'll learn and perform together:
DATE: October 13, 2021
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PDT
HOW: Live online via Zoom
Zoom room opens at 7:15

Zoom link:
Check your email

This month's meeting is a time to relax with your magic friends, learn a few things, and share what you're working on. Here's the tentative agenda:
  • Welcome
  • Teaching Sessions (10 minutes each):
    • Dan Chan performs and teaches his variation of Dr. Daley's Last Trick
    • John Morgan teaches a vocal exercise to help us project our voices better
    • Tom Collett shares tips on how to handle a thumb tip
  • Sharing is caring (variable time):
    • You're invited to share an idea, tip, book, video, or anything else magic-related that you think the rest of the membership will benefit from
  • Open performances (5-8 minutes per person):
    • Perform a polished routine or just something you're working on in a supporting and friendly environment.
    • If you're new to the club, this is your chance to introduce yourself.
    • You can receive feedback if you're interested.
SPECIAL NOTE: This Zoom meeting free for everyone on this mailing list! You don't have to be a paid Ring 216 member to enjoy this experience.

This meeting will be recorded and made available for later viewing.

Meeeting Report: Sep 8, 2021 - Spotlight on Local Magic

  A “Spotlight on Local Magic” was shining for San Jose’s Ring 216 meeting of September 8, 2021. Bay area magicians Jay Alexander and Brad Barton appeared out of thin air – via Zoom – and talked about their public shows, told stories, shared some magic and answered questions for forty attendees.

First on the bill was Jay Alexander, proprietor of the Marrakech Magic Theater (, where he performs over 400 shows a year (in non-viral times). Asked why he wanted a single performing venue, Jay explained the appeal of a solo magic theater, of which there are fifty in the country. Unlike cruise ships, people come to a theater ready to see a magician, and unlike working on the street, one can use all the theatrical elements: music, lights and even silence. Jay orchestrates the entire audience experience: he greets the people as they enter the lobby, does a little close-up, and then brings them into the theater, where he makes some of them stars in his show. For the Ring, he performed astounding selections from his act, reading and controlling the minds of remote Ring members Satvik, Gary G., and Fred R. — but no spoilers will be given here.

Brad Barton, Reality Thief, then talked about his shows “The Lost Church” and “The Gift” ( He began with a performance that charmed and astonished (and will also not be described here). Brad’s presentations have a philosophical tone as he encourages the particiipants to consider their dreams, their special memories, and the place for gratitude in their lives. He described his history at the small performance theater called the Lost Church, which became his home for more than five years with of sold-out shows.

Then Jay and Brad together answered questions about the life of a magician. They both painfully recalled their worst shows and spoke warmly of their best shows. David C. asked why they both chose mentalism, and in response they both emphasized the personal aspect for the audience – no other magic was as engaging and as powerful. In answer to a question from Perry Y., they both stressed the importance of recording all your shows and watching yourself work, much as you might dislike it. As Jay said, “If you hate yourself on video, how can you expect others to watch you?” Problem solved — their shows are a must for anyone in the Bay area and are a guaranteed good time.

Coming Sept. 8: Spotlight on Local Magic


Not having in-person meetings gives Ring 216 the opportunity to try new things that we could never do with in-person meetings. And our September meeting is the perfect example!

We've invited two accomplished local magicians who each have their own currently running ticketed magic show in San Francisco to join us for a very special event live on Zoom.
Jay and Brad will talk to us about their public shows, tell stories, share some magic, and answer questions. This is a rare opportunity to hear what it's like to achieve the dream that many of us share: to have a regular ticketed magic show — and in the case of Jay, to have his own venue!

Jay and Brad have generously offered their time for this special Ring 216 event, so let's plan to give them a very warm welcome! 

DATE: September 8, 2021
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PDT
HOW: Live online via Zoom
This Zoom meeting free for everyone on the Ring 216 mailing list! You don't have to be a paid Ring 216 member to enjoy this experience. Please sign up for the mailing list by following the link at right.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Andrew Evans of the Magic Patio is unable to make it to our event. We will definitely invite him back in the future!
If there is time after Jay and Brad talk, please stick around to talk magic, share some tricks, and just have a fun time chitchatting with your magic friends. David Martinez will moderate the chat and give everyone a chance to participate.

Meeting Report: August 11, 2021 - Gregory Wilson Lecture

Gregory Wilson made a return visit to Ring 216 – but only via Zoom – to lecture at the August 2021 meeting. This well-attended presentation featured half unpublished material and half effects “you’ve seen before but probably have forgotten.” Even those familiar with some of the material realized again that just watching Greg was to receive a master course in misdirection and the use of persuasion.

Greg’s classic material included the poker chip that vanishes and repeatedly appears on a spectator’s shoulder; his quick opener, in which five blank cards turn into a royal flush; a bill that changes into several different foreign currencies; three coins that appear out of nothing and then vanish completely; a pencil that mysteriously flips end for end; and how to have a spectator correctly guess the amount of change in his pocket. The latter two effects were Greg’s favorites for obtaining free upgrades at ticket counters, as he described with a series of amusing real-life stories. As for the newer material…to preserve the surprise, let’s wait until they are released.

Among the many audience questions, perhaps the one that received the lengthiest answer was asked by Suyash J.: “What do you want the spectators to care about?” It is a subject on which Greg has given much thought, and he gave several examples of his philosophy of starting with an idea that arouses their curiosity, rather than immediately diving into the trick. “Grab their attention, sustain their interest; the magic is a visual exclamation mark on what you just said.”


Coming Aug. 11: Lecture by Gregory Wilson

DATE: Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021

TIME: 7:30 p.m. PDT
HOW: Live online via Zoom
COST: Free for paid 2021 members of Ring 216; $15 for non-members

Zoom link will be sent to members and other paid attendees on the day of the event.

Meeting Report: July 2021 - Nick Lewin Lecture

 Ring 216 was treated to a live lecture by Nick Lewin, Zooming from his home in magical and musical Austin, Texas on July 14, 2021. Nick’s cheerful manner and big smile were notable throughout the lecture. Reflecting on his beginnings in magic, he credited his mentors Ken Brooke and Billy McComb with changing his life leading him to develop his goal as a comedy magician presenting “Strong magic, made funny.”


The effects he lectured on, drawn from his lifetime repertoire, demonstrated his working requirement of “Packs small, plays STRONG.” He described in impressive detail his favorite opener, the Color-Changing Silks, covering many little touches over the years, and giving thoughtful answers to questions from the magician Paprika and others in the audience. He segued smoothly into the Bill in Lemon, always speaking during the transition, never allowing a dull moment on stage. His message: you are controlling the audience - when to laugh, when not, when to applause, when to stop applause, and to do this keep eye contact with the audience (even if you can't see them for the stage lights) and smile.


A borrowed credit card to wallet routine then led to a very commercial, straightforward and fooling version of a triple prediction, in this case of a custom-ordered car. In answer to questions from David Martinez and others, Nick explained how he made his show flow, using such unifying techniques as callbacks and borrowing repeatedly from the same person. He spoke passionately about the practical means of inventing new effects. Jonathan Steigman asked for Nick’s favorite Bill McComb story, and Nick happily complied (first warning that he needed to clean up the language because there were youths in attendance).

in the Texas wee hours, Susan Lewin closed the night: “Thank you, everyone. It’s been a fun evening. Nick enjoys chatting with magicians and you’ll find him on FaceBook.”

Coming in July: Lecture by Nick Lewin

DATE: Wednesday, July 14, 2021
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PDT
HOW: Live online via Zoom
COST: Free for paid 2021 members of Ring 216; $15 for non-members

Zoom link will be sent to members and other paid attendees on the day of the event.

Nick has  been featured on numerous television shows and also entertained British Royalty, American Presidents, Business Legends and Hollywood Icons. Lewin’s award-winning show is  very funny and non-stop entertainment, with Nick’s dry English sense of humor perfectly honed for American audiences. Audiences are delighted with Lewin's highly individual blend of stand-up comedy sleight of hand and mind magic.

At this lecture, Nick will share tools and tips to strengthen your magic.

You must be a paid member of Ring 216 for 2021 to attend the lecture, or else you can purchase this lecture on its own for $15.

If you are not already a member, please contact for information about attending this lecture.

Meeting Report: June 9, 2012 - Online Auction

No one knew what would happen on June 9, 2021, when Ring 216 held its annual auction for the first time online over Zoom. Would there be sellers? Would there be buyers? There were indeed ten sellers, with were some three dozen attendees onscreen. Unlike a normal auction, the potential buyers were unable to browse the wares ahead of time, nor could they look forward to taking immediate possession of their items. As the new rules specified, at the start of the meeting each seller was given two minutes to outline what they had brought to the auction. When the auction itself began, each seller had ten minutes to make the sales. For the delivery of the items, the buyer and seller were to arrange for pickup or delivery between themselves. 


Despite these barriers, there was enjoyment in getting a peek into other magicians’ closets, and quite a few sales were made. The sellers included Dan Chan; Mike Della Penna, with a charming mirror box; Mitch Kothe, who found a buyer for the “Box Office” mentalism effect; Al Skinner; Steven Goldstein; Tom Collette, offering a Losander Bubble Zombie among other items; Alan Kahn, displaying a chair suspension; Suyash Joshi; Sohum Modha, successfully selling “Sheer Luck”; and David Martinez, whose “Triple Split” sale was the item that sold for the highest price of the evening; David also auctioned items that had been donated to the club. Some other items that gained multiple bids included “Mint Box,” a set of Ninja rings, the Multiplying Bottles, and a bag of wands.


The experiment in online auctions was a fun way to revisit magic history, but it is hoped there will be no need to repeat the experiment next year.

Coming in June: Ring 216 Online Auction

Got magic stuff you want to get rid of? Is there anything you have your eye on? Invite your magical friends and join us for our first-ever online auction!

 DATE: Wednesday, June 9. 2021

TIME: 7:30 p.m. PDT

HOW: Live online via Zoom

COST: No cost

All members and non-members are invited!

How to buy stuff

Just show up for the Zoom call! You can bid on as many items as you want. You will arrange payment and shipping information with the seller directly. We'll share a Google spreadsheet where sellers will list their payment/shipping information.

How to sell your stuff

Anybody on this email list is invited to sign up for a slot to sell their stuff. For time purposes, we're going to limit the seller list to no more than 20 people. We will prioritize paid members of Ring 216, but otherwise it is first come, first served.

Here are more details:

-Sellers will be invited to share pictures of their items in our Facebook group.

-Sellers get a limited amount of time to offer their items during the auction. The amount of time will be based on the number of sellers.

-Sellers will update the Google spreadsheet with their payment information (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) and shipping costs to make it easier for buyers.

-The Ring will record the session to act as a backup in case there is any question about buyers and sellers.

-Sellers and buyers will arrange their own payment, shipping, and pickup details.

-The Ring will do what we can to help, but buyers and sellers are responsible for their own transactions.

-The Ring will not take a percentage of any sales. The profits are yours to keep!

To sign up or ask questions, contact David at

Meeting Report: May 12 2021 - Suzanne Lecture

The energetic Suzanne was the welcome lecturer at the May 12, 2021 meeting of Ring 216. Presenting over Zoom, she was generous sharing her deep experience in restaurant magic. As she demonstrated her main opening set for table work, young club member Satvik ably assisted her as audience volunteer and afterwards was not shy in asking questions about her performance. Among the magic she explained was her working card routine, in which she focused on details of maximizing misdirection and entertainment, and a clever presentation for the transformation of dollars into hundred-dollar bills. And she related her nerve-wracking (and trophy-winning) experience on “Fool Us”.  


Many members were interested in the practical side of the business. In response to their non-stop questions, Suzanne described how she got her first restaurant gigs, and how she learned over time that as a house magician she was not just the entertainment but had an important role as a liaison between the restaurant staff and the diners. She gave advice on how to approach a table and what to do if the people aren’t welcoming, including, “Never take it personally.”


And what does she do if a spectator blurts out that they’ve caught her in a move? This took a long time for her to learn. She was very upset at this for years. Now she has a number of ways for handling it gracefully. Most of all: “If you’re a nice person, and not a jerk to them, you can make a lot of mistakes, and you’ll be fine.”


This is Suzanne, and if you enjoyed her magic, please tell the hostess on the way out!

Coming May 12: Lecture by Suzanne

Another exciting lecture coming up in May as Ring 216 welcomes the legendary Suzanne!

DATE: Wednesday, May 12, 2021
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PDT
HOW: Live online via Zoom
COST: Free for paid 2021 members of Ring 216; $15 for non-members
Zoom link will be sent to members and other paid attendees on the day of the event.

Audiences all over the country have been falling in love with Suzanne since 1985. She resides in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and can be seen locally there at Birch's on the Lake, Lord Fletcher's Old Lake Lodge and Rockwood's.

Her engaging style makes the audience an essential participant in her performance. Other respected professional magicians have called her "flawless" and "amazing". She is a favorite at Hollywood's famous Magic Castle and was awarded Close Up Magician of the Year for 2010 by The Academy of Magical Arts. Her specialty is close-up magic for corporate and private events.

For Ring 216, Suzanne will lecture about restaurant magic and strolling magic.

Meeting Report: April 2021 - Francis Menotti Lecture

The members of Ring 216 were pleased to host Francis Menotti for a live Zoom lecture at their April 14, 2021 meeting.  A compendium of creative effects infused with Francis' thoughtfully off-center presentations, the lecture followed up each presentation of a routine with the philosophy of performance that led to its creation and use.

Francis’ opener was “Shunuffled,” an example of finding an opener that one is very comfortable with, reveals one's personality, and surprises the audience and forces them to focus. Next, an effect of writing with an invisible pen demonstrated his approach to the question, “How do I take an impossibility and make it more interesting?” Sleight of hand was then given added intrigue in a routine with three coins, two of which were shown to have only one side each, and an effect with a coin that vanishes when covered with a piece of nothing. A calculator effect with a spooky premise illustrated the Paul Harris maxim, “When you find a piece of strange, ask how to make it magical.”

Francis recounted in detail his two “Fool Us” performances, the first using Scrabble to divine a thought-of word and the second, “Boxed”, employing metaphysics to switch the properties of a wooden box and a deck of cards. There were many more effects discussed, including his unique razor swallowing routine. At last, in response to the audience question, “Where does inspiration come from?”, he answered that it comes from surrounding yourself with good people. His concluding advice: magic is a small community, go ahead and reach out to anyone whose work you admire.

Meeting Report: March 2021 - Eric Jones Lecture


   Eric Jones received a warm welcome for his live Zoom lecture for the March 2021 meeting of IBM Ring 216. It was a large and diverse audience, yet his presentation was designed for all skill levels and he generously answered questions on every effect. 

   He opened by changing a catalog picture of a coin into a real coin, leaving a blank space behind. Then, with the greatest detail, he taught his coin routine in which three fly from hand to hand. Although it involved some sophisticated techniques, he taught every move and everyone was able to learn from it. Notable was his care and thoroughness in giving credit to the magicians whose creations he had built on. 

   Eric then moved to cards and a very magical-looking assembly of the aces. He spoke on the subject of creating conviction for Zoom magic, including using a deck that he had mailed out previously to participants for shuffling. He explained a sleight-free version of a Paul Harris effect in which a signed selected card, trapped between two other cards, disappears and reappears. Eric also presented a bare hand production of a Sharpie marker and, as a knuckle-buster, some work on Fred Robinson’s rising card. 

   Among the many questions Eric answered, beyond those related to the effects taught, were what to do about finger windows (his solutions include jewelry), his appearances on America’s Got Talent and Penn and Teller (in which he had presented his favorite effect), how he performs for people in social situations, and his favorite magic books, among which he rates Ascanio’s highly.

Coming March 10: Lecture by Eric Jones


Another exciting lecture coming up in March as Ring 216 welcomes a modern maestro of magic, Eric Jones!

DATE: Wednesday, March 10, 2021
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PST
HOW: Live online via Zoom
COST: Free for paid 2021 members of Ring 216; $15 for non-members
Zoom link will be sent to members and other paid attendees on the day of the event.

Regarded by his peers as one of magic's rising stars, Eric Jones has made quite a name for himself in the world of magic. Armed with cunning sleight of hand and a charming personality, he will astound you with his digital dexterity.

Eric's lecture will challenge you to look at your magic in a whole new light after discussing ways to make close-up effects play to large audiences, redirecting attention rather than misdirecting it, how to properly block/stage performances to both conceal method as well as optimize the audience reaction to the magic. These and other ideas will be discussed while you learn some of Eric's award-winning magic.

Not a Ring 216 member yet?
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If you don't want to become a member but still want to attend the lecture, please send your $15 payment via PayPal to

Meeting Report: February 2021 - Dan Harlan Lecture

“People on Zoom want to see your home,” explained Dan Harlan, flanked by interesting magical items as he lectured from his own home to a large online audience of Ring 216 members at their February10, 2021 meeting. “The point is to make it look like you’ve put together items intentionally, not haphazardly, not a fake background.” Thus began a fire hose of professional advice and creative magical ideas from one of magic’s most energetic inventors.

The evening included new effects, starting with a version of the Professor’s Nightmare that fooled the magicians. He performed some favorites that demonstrated essential principles of his entertainment style, such as taking the burden of being fooled on himself rather than placing it on the audience. He gave ample advice on how to be creative, beginning with, “Write everything down.” He spoke of the history of some of his inventions and gave some new tips for their performance: rubber band magic, “Cardtoon” (including the Fool Us version), “Hot Cross Ones”, “Rising Dough” (his favorite trick from a Penguin Lecture), “Starcle”, “What the Hell”. He spoke about making new tricks by changing the presentation - his favorite trick developed from Tarbell was found by using socks instead of silks. He discussed how to make good routines and understand the theater of magic.

Throughout the evening he responded to a barrage of questions from the audience. The members of Ring 216 are grateful to Dan for a very enjoyable evening.

Coming Feb. 10: Magician Dan Harlan!

Continuing Ring 216's commitment to hosting the best magicians on the planet, this month we welcome the legendary Dan Harlan!
  • DATE: Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021
  • TIME: 7:30 p.m. PST
  • HOW: Live online via Zoom
  • COST: Free for paid 2021 members of Ring 216; $15 for non-members
  • Zoom link will be sent to members and other paid attendees on the day of the event.

World Famous for Unique Magical Creations, Dan Harlan travels the globe performing and teaching incredible magic. One of the most innovative modern magicians, Harlan’s cutting-edge miracles are coveted by discerning connoisseurs of fine magic done well. Performing, writing, teaching, consulting, creating and lecturing, Harlan does it all. While working wonders world-wide, Harlan's wit, wisdom, and whacked-out weirdness always "wows" all wide-eyed witnesses.

At the lecture, Dan will share a variety of effects for all skill levels. Hope you can join us!
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Meeting Report: January 2021 - Richard Osterlind Lecture

     Ring 216 was pleased to start the new year with an inspiring lecture by Richard Osterlind. From his home in front of his bookshelves, before a large Zoom audience, Richard conversationally taught many of his favorite effects. He delved into the development of many subtle points of their presentation that had been honed over the years to produce the maximum audience impact.

       Richard opened with his famous center tear. Many audience members had questions that he answered with great care and with close-up demonstrations of the fine points (for which Zoom was well-suited). He then described his book test and discussed his presentation philosophy for the revelation of spectator’s thoughts. The great power of the swami gimmick and of spoon bending became apparent in Richard’s hands. Numerous other mental effects were discussed at the members' suggestion.

       He was generous with his time and was willing to share many anecdotes of his performing life, stories of his methods of creation, and his thoughts on blending his natural personality with the performing persona of a serious mentalist. He himself embodied one of his key pieces of advice: after you have practiced any magical skill at length, “The final outcome is - you’re the magic. Because you can’t analyze it. It is you.”  

Coming Jan. 13: Lecture by master mentalist Richard Osterlind


Our first lecture of the year is from master mentalist Richard Osterlind.

Richard Osterlind is considered by many to be the foremost mentalist performing in the English language today. His unique mix of natural warmth with an almost supernatural ability to read thoughts, bend metal objects with his mind, and scores of other amazing demonstrations, has made him one of the most sought-after corporate entertainers in the world.

DATE: Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PST
HOW: Live online via Zoom
COST: Free for paid 2021 members of Ring 216; $15 for non-members
Lecture details are still in progress. Stay tuned.

The Zoom link will be sent to paid attendees the day of the event.

To pay your dues for 2021, visit this page ›

If you don't want to become a member but still want to attend the lecture, please send your payment via this PayPal link ›