Tickets remain for the Ring 216 Banquet

There are still tickets available for the upcoming IBM Ring 216 Awards Banquet and Show starring Eric Buss and Big Al Catraz on Jan 17, 2015Please contact Treasurer Will Chandler for purchasing tickets ( 

The event is for Club members, sister clubs, families and friends!

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About Eric Buss
Eric Buss has entertained and amazed audiences worldwide. His innovative and high-energy brand of comedy and magic has earned him some of the industry’s top awards, and a reputation as one of the funniest and most original magicians working today. Eric Buss is not a comedian telling jokes about airline food. He is not a magician wearing a bright yellow leotard. Eric is an imaginative, exciting performer with a knack for “fun.” Throughout his show, Eric Buss invites the audience into his world where hysterical antics are brought to life.

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Recap: Ring 216 Annual Stage Competition

Last week was the last Ring 216 meeting of the 2014 year: the annual stage magic competition.

Here are the results:

Standard Division Competitors: Perry Yan, Fantastic Fred, Fred Rasmussen, Vikram Singh

Masters Division Competitors: John Jones, David Martinez, Alan Leeds, Dan Chan

Winners in the Stage/ Parlor Competition, Standard Division:
- People's Choice Award: Perry Yan
- First Place Winner: Fantastic Fred

Masters Division winners will be announced at the Annual Banquet next month.

Hope to see you all at the banquet!