1st Place Awards

Annual Competitions


Close-up: Standard—Mitch Kothe & Syd Kashima (People's Choice: Syd Kashima); Masters—Cal Tong (People's Choice: Cal Tong)
Stage: Jonathan Chen; People's Choice: Yitian Liang


Close-up: Standard—Jonathan Chen (People's Choice: Mitch Kothe); Masters—Cal Tong (People's Choice: Cal Tong and James Chan)
Stage: Meriam Al-Sultan


Virtual Magic (December): Bri Crabtree


Virtual Magic #1 (August): Standard—James Chan; Masters—Luke Adams
Virtual Magic #2 (December): Standard—James Chan; Masters—Luke Adams (2nd place: John Morgan)


Walk-Around: Grant Gomez (People’s Choice: Grant Gomez and David Martinez)
Close-Up: Standard—Grant Gomez (People’s Choice: Mitch Kothe); Master’s—Susan Zeller (People’s Choice: David Martinez)
Stage: Standard—John Morgan (People’s Choice: James Chan); Masters—Phil Ackerly (also People’s Choice)


Walk-Around: Dan Chan (People’s Choice: Luke Adams)
Close-Up: Standard—Meriam Al-Sultan (People’s Choice: Tetra); Master’s—Perry Yan (People’s Choice: Luke Adams)
Stage: Standard—Susan Zeller (People’s Choice: Mitch Kothe); Masters—Tom Collett (also People’s Choice)


Walk-Around: Danny Cheng (People’s Choice: Perry Yan)
Close-Up: Danny Cheng (People's Choice: Luke Adams and Danny Cheng)
Stage: Alex Wu (People's Choice: Tom Collett)


Walk-Around: Standard—Tom Collett (also People's Choice); Masters—Cal Tong (also People's Choice)
Close-Up: Standard—Tom Collett (People's Choice: Danny Cheng); Master’s—Cal Tong (People's Choice: Perry Yan)
Stage: Standard—Spencer Grey (also People's Choice); Master’s—Perry Yan (also People's Choice)


Walk-Around: Standard—Alan Sands; Masters—David Gerard
Close-Up: Standard—Luke Adams (also People's Choice); Master’s—Cal Tong (People's Choice: Fred Lee)
Stage: Standard—Perry Yan; Master’s—David Martinez


Walk-Around: Standard—Raahul Srinivasan (also People's Choice); Masters—David Gerard (also People's Choice)
Close-Up: Standard—Perry Yan (also People's Choice); Master’s—Alan Leeds (People's Choice: David Martinez)
Stage: Standard—Fred Lee (People's Choice: Perry Yan); Master’s—Dan Chan (People's Choice: John Jones)


Walk-Around: David Martinez and John Jones (tie)
Close-Up: Standard—Alan Leeds (People's Choice: John Jones); Master’s—Cal Tong
Stage: Alex Wu (People's Choice: John Jones)


Walk-Around: Standard—David Gerard; Master’s—Phil Ackerly
Close-Up: Doug Eakin
Stage: David Gerard (People's Choice: Nathan Hadsall); Master’s—Will Chandler


Walk-Around: Theron Schaub
Close-Up: Cal Tong
Stage: Joe Caffell


Walk-Around: Cal Tong (People's Choice: Sy Hoff)
Close-Up: Michael Feldman
Stage: Phil Ackerly


Walk-Around: Theron Schaub (People's Choice: John Bodine)
Close-Up: Stan Sieler (also People's Choice)
Stage: Kim Silverman (and People's Choice)


Walk-Around: Michael Feldman
Close-Up: Cal Tong
Stage: Cal Tong


Walk-Around: Carey Klenetsky
Close-Up: Dan Chan
Stage: Dan Chan


Walk-Around: Mike Bailes (People's Choice: Carey Klenetsky)
Close-Up: Patrick Reed (also People's Choice)
Stage: Patrick Reed (and People's Choice)


Walk-Around: Patrick Reed
Close-Up: Jonathan Steigman
Stage: Farrell Dillon


Walk-Around: Richard Myer
Close-Up: Richard Myer
Stage: Will Chandler


Stage: Richard Myer

Freeman Granum Award - Magician of the Year

2019 Grant Gomez
2018 none awarded
2017 Danny Cheng
2016 Cal Tong, Tom Collett
2015 none awarded
2014 none awarded
2013 none awarded
2012 David Gerard
2011 none awarded
2010 Cal Tong
2009 none awarded
2008 Cal Tong
2007 Dan Chan
2006 Patrick Reed
2005 Jonathan Steigman
2004 Richard Myer

Wally Gibson Award - Outstanding Mentor / Contributor

2019 Cal Tong
2010 John Bodine
2009 Mike Bailes
2008 Patrick Reed
2007 Doug Eakin
2006 Ken King
2005 Joe Caffall
2004 Will Chandler

Lifetime Contribution to Ring 216

2010 none awarded
2009 Jim Mullen
2008 none awarded
2007 none awarded
2006 Jim Blashek
2005 Bruce Jordan

Most Improved Magician

2004 John Bodine

Performance Awards

Scott Freda - Most Amazing Flourish; June, 2003
Joe DeRosa - Most Outrageous Premise; August, 2003
Vijay and Vineet - Best Recovery from a Fumble; September 2003
Patrick Reed - Best Adaptation of a Classic; October, 2003
Patrick Reed - Funniest Routine; December, 2003

Challenge Workshop

June 2003
Psycho-Babble of Death
The team of Charlie Gillan, Stan Sieler, Brian Hart, Willie Franklin, and Mark Attwood put together the most entertaining routine from a bag of "junk".

Award Descriptions

In addition to the awards given for specific contests held throughout the year, Ring 216 honors those members who have demonstrated notable accomplishments in the art of magic or who have made special contributions to the success of our club. A description of these awards is detailed below. The list of past award recipients can be viewed here.

Magician of the Year Award

The competitor who wins first place in at least two competitions for a given year will be awarded Magician of the Year. If no competitor wins at least two of the annual competitions, then the Magician of the Year will be awarded based on a detailed list of criteria. The criteria are divided into the following categories: demonstrated leadership in competitions, performances, mentorship, self-development, and promotion of our Ring.

When possible, the winner of the Magician of the Year Award will be announced at the end of the calendar year via email. Otherwise, the announcement of the winner will be made during the awards ceremony of the following year.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The lifetime achievement award is presented to a Ring 216 member in good standing who, over the years, has achieved notable recognition in the art of magic.

Eligibility for the Life Time Achievement Award is based upon several criteria which are intended to provide an objective measure of the candidate's achievements and contributions to the art of magic. "A candidate's qualification is a measure, among other things, of his having:

  • Taught magic and been a mentor and teacher to other magicians
  • Developed expertise in several areas of magic
  • Longevity performing magic and as a Ring 216 member
  • Performed and or won in various magic shows and clubs or outside events
  • Belonged to or participated in various Magic Organizations
  • Created unique magic effects and authored books or published magic articles
  • Been an administrator in Ring 216 and participated in Ring events

To qualify as a candidate for the award, a nominee must have accumulated a minimum number of points as established by a spreadsheet calculation (available on request) and certified by an awards committee composed of the Ring officers. If more than one qualified candidate is nominated, then the candidate with the most overall points will receive the award.

When possible, the Lifetime Achievement Award winner will be emailed at the end of the calendar year. Otherwise, the announcement of the winner will be made no later than the January meeting of the following year.

Outstanding Contributor Award (Wally Gibson Award)

The Outstanding Contributor Award shall recognize the individual member who has made the greatest contribution to the benefit and good of San Jose IBM Ring 216.

Club Functionality

Providing personal time over and above that required or expected to lead and organize club functions. Putting in an extra effort of time that results in successful functions.

Club meetings, lectures, and events
Club organization
Club shows and lectures
Membership activities
Benefit shows


Made a commitment to:

Help members improve their magic abilities and advance the Art of Magic.
Volunteer participation or involvement providing guidance, leadership or mentoring to a substantial portion of the Ring membership.

Served as an officer

Recognized by fellow officers as an outstanding contributor


Recognition of the above efforts shall involve at least three years of continuous membership in Ring 216. When possible, the winner of the Outstanding Contributor/Mentor Award will be announced via email at the end of the calendar year. Otherwise, the announcement of the winner will be made no later than the January meeting of the following year.