Coming July 13: Online Lecture by Jeki Yoo

Date: July 13, 2022

Time: 7:30 p.m. PDT

HOW: Live online via Zoom

COST: Free for paid 2022 members of Ring 216 (see below); $15 for non-members

The Zoom link will be sent to paid attendees the day of the event.


Jeki Yoo will share with you about his original Close up and Parlor, Stage magic. Each piece, you will also learn the performance tips, how to make, know how, etc.

And Jeki Yoo will also talk about how 3D printing helps him to develop his magic acts.

1. 4th dimension (His version of the Mylay Mystery by Jerry Adnrus)

2. Ninja Ring (Jeki’s take on Ninja Ring routine with an amazing climax)

3. Fright (Close Up - Impromptu Haunted deck)

4. Pips Matrix (Using four pips and Cards to make an interesting routine)

5. Coin thru Bag (His variation on Michael Ammar’s Coin thru silk)

6. Rubber Band Stop (It was inspired by Alan Wong’s Stargazer Trick, A magician makes the shape using the rubber band, at the end, the rubber band become stiff)


After winning Asia's greatest magic contest, The Busan International Magic Festival, in 2006 as a high school student, Jeki began winning international contests like a comet. His magic was innovative, inspired other magicians, and roused applause from audiences around the globe with its fresh originality.

In 2009, Jeki won a close-up magic award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the world’s largest organization of magicians.

Since then, Jeki and his magic have wowed audiences in England, France, Sweden, Italy, Japan, China, and many other countries including Scotland where, as a member of SNAP, one of Korea’s biggest magic shows, he was invited to perform at the famed Edinburgh Festival.

Jeki has also graced the stage of the incredibly popular hit show America’s Got Talent. Over 13 million people watched him perform his own unique style of close-up magic before an impressed panel of celebrity judges. Even the infamous Simon Cowell was left stunned by what he had just witnessed. Though Jeki didn’t continue on in the competition, he left the stage having won the hearts of a nation. “Love your laugh”, “(F)reaking awesome”, “I love his giggle”, and “Jeki is so cool” are just a few of the comments that hit social media afterward.

Not only was Jeki able to leave with his head held high, but, he also left crowned with the title “cutest magician of all time” (courtesy of America’s Got Talent by way of Twitter)


The lecture is free for paid Ring 216 members for 2022.

The lecture will be live on Zoom. Link will be included in an email to paid members.

If you have not yet joined Ring 216, the cost is $25 and is payable via PayPal to

If you just want to purchase this one lecture, the cost is $15.

Meeting Report - June 8, 2022: Justin Miller Lecture


Mitch Kothe introduced creative close-up magician Justin Miller at the Ring 216 online lecture of June 8, 2022. With cards and coins Justin demonstrated his outside-the-box solutions to creative magical problems.


In his hands, a card case with deck inside disappeared and turned into the folded selected card. Four coins suddenly appeared arranged in a square on the table. He changed a half dollar into a Chinese coin using a new “drop” technique that enthralled the technical coin magicians. Then three coins passed from a box into a shot glass one by one. A highlight of the evening was Justin’s “shadow” technique, creating a series of eye-popping effects: a coin dropped from one hand to the other vanishes midway through its journey, a card visibly changes as it is dropped on the table, three cards disappear one by one thin air. Justin closed with his version of a classic Paul Harris effect: a mirror causes a coin to appear, which multiplies into three coins, and then everything vanishes.