Coming in January: Workshop and Lecture by Daryl, the Magician's Magician

When: January 13, 2016

Where: Yu-Ai Kai Community Center

About the Workshop
At the pre-lecture workshop, Daryl teaches one or two special tricks that have been specifically saved for the workshop. The students learn these tricks by actually DOING them as opposed to just watching and listening to their explanations. Before the workshop is finished, each participant will have performed each and every step from start to finish multiple times!

Time: 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Cost: $30 for Ring 216 members, $45 for non-members

Space is limited. Reserve by emailing

About the Lecture
Daryl’s latest magic lecture is titled 4FXII, pronounced Four F Twelve. Even more so than usual, this lecture contains a wide variety of practical and PERFORMABLE magic. This lecture features close-up magic, stage magic, magic that is impromptu, angle-proof, quickly reset, finishes clean, easy to perform. This has always been Daryl’s favorite type of magic!

Time: 7:30 - 9:30 p.m.
Cost: $15 for Ring 216 members, $30 for non-members

No reservations necessary

Sign up for membership at the event and save big!

Congratulations to our winners!

Congratulations are in order to our two winners from this week's Stage Magic Competitions:

Standard Division: Perry Yan
Masters Division: David Martinez

They each performed routines judged by their peers to be magical, technically sound, and fun to watch.

Congratulations and thank you to all the performers:

Aries Broadnax
Luke Adams
Perry Yan
Vikram Singh
Fred Lee
David Martinez
John Jones
Dan Chan

Have a happy New Year everyone and be sure to join us next year for our lecture and workshop with Daryl.

Coming in December: Stage/Parlor Magic Competition

Join us on Wednesday, December 9, 2014, for the IBM Ring 216 Annual Stage/Parlor Magic Competition.

If you are interested in competing, please send an email to Cal Tong ( In addition to the standard division, we will also have our Masters Division if there are enough competitors. So if you have won first place in one of the competition events in previous years, then you qualify for the master's division and can sign up for this event!

Where: Yu-Ai Kai Community Center (see map at right)
When: December 9, 7:30 p.m.
Cost: Free

Bring your friends or family with you to enjoy an evening of great magic. The more people we have, the better the magic.

Recap of our November Meeting

We had a great meeting night last Wednesday, Nov. 4. Ring officers brought wine, cheese, and crackers. And lots of magicians performed their routines.

Here's a recap:

Close-Up Competition Winners
John Jones announced the winners of the Close-up Competition from October.

Standard Division Winner: Luke Adams
Standard Division People's Choice: Luke Adams

Masters Division Winner: Cal Tong
Masters Division People's Choice: Fred Lee

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who performed!

Preview of Ring 216 in 2016
Cal Tong gave us a preview of the upcoming year's Ring 216 planned events. Here are some highlights:
- January: Lecture and workshop by Daryl (more info to come)
- February: Mini lecture by Stan Sieler on "Writing an Intro Card"
- April: Lecture by Alex Pandrea
- June: Auction and Flea Market
- July: Lecture by Martin Lewis

Plus competitions, open performance nights, raffles, and other special events.

Please pay your membership dues at the next meeting to enjoy a full year of fun and magic.

Open Performance Night
We had a great turnout for the open performance night. At least 10 magicians performed their routines... mostly card effects but also some mentalism, coin, and silk magic.

Next Meeting: Stage Magic Competition
Get ready for our next meeting on Wednesday, December 9, when Ring magicians will compete in the annual Stage Magic Competition. Bring your friends and family for a fun night of magic.

Interested in competing? Contact Cal Tong at

See you then!

Information about the November Meeting

Please note the date of our next Ring 216 meeting:

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Regular meeting: 7:30 p.m.
Pre-meeting workshop: 6:30 p.m.

This is different from our normal meeting night, which is the second Wednesday of the month. The reason for the change is that the Yu-Ai Kai Community Center will be closed on Nov. 11 for Veterans Day.

At the November 4 meeting, we'll have an Open Performance Night with Wine and Cheese. You're invited to show us your in-progress or polished routine.

PLUS, the officers will share with you what's on the menu for next year: lectures, special events, and more.

PLUS, our own Fred Lee will conduct a pre-meeting workshop on his vanishing Sharpie routine called CGI (which is taught in our Ring 216 publication, "The Real Magic of Silicon Valley Vol. 2"). The workshop starts at 6:30 P.M.

Please mark your calendars.

Recap of Close-Up Magic Competition

We had an amazing turnout at our Close-Up Magic Competition on Wednesday, Oct. 14. 45 to 50 people attended, and we had a record number of 12 competitors, six in each division.

Standard Division
Ken King, Vikram Singh, Luke Adams, Rafael Delgadillo, Tom Collett, Aries Broadnax

Masters Division
Alan Leeds, David Martinez, Cal Tong, Dan Chan, Fred Lee, Jim Mullen

Scores were tallied for the standard, and the winner was Luke Adams, who won both the magicians' award AND the People's Choice award. Tom Collett came in a very close second. And this was the first competition for both Luke and Tom!

Tom Collett, Luke Adams

All performers did a great job, repeating their routines 5 times to accommodate the huge crowd.

Thanks for supporting this magical annual event!

Coming up: October Close-Up Magic Competition and Officer Elections

Close-Up Competition

Our Annual Close Up Competition event is coming October 14th, and we hope you all can show up to enjoy some great magic and support your fellow Ring members who have signed up to compete.

We already have a pretty full slate of competitors, but if you still want to sign up, please send an email to John Jones (

Here's the competition so far:

Standard Division
Ken King, Vikram Singh, Luke Adams, Rafael Delgadillo

Masters Division
Alan Leeds, David Martinez, Cal Tong, Dan Chan, Fred Lee

All contestants should check the rules and information on competitions.

Bring your friends or family with you to enjoy an evening of great magic. The more people we have, the better the magic.

Family and friends (non-members) will be the judges for the People's Choice Award, assuming we have at least 10 laypeople present. Paid members in good standing will be the judges for the masters division. The standard division will be judged by the master-level competitors.

The time and place are the same as usual: Yu-Ai Kai Community Center at 7:30 p.m. sharp. See you then!

Officers Election

Prior to the competition, we'll take a few minutes to vote on the candidates running for Ring offices. Please arrive ON TIME at 7:30 if you want to take part in the voting. Thank you.

Here are the candidates:

President: David Martinez

Vice President: Calvin Tong

Secretary: Gary Goldberg

Treasurer: John Jones

Web Master: Stephen Sebeny

Sergeant at Arms: Open

For complete details, we invite you to read Fred Rasmussen's post about the elections on the Google group. If you would like to be considered for any position or if you have any questions, please email Fred (

September Meeting and Workshop

Be sure to mark your calendars for our next Ring 216 monthly meeting on Wednesday, September 9, at the Yu-Ai-Kai Community Center. Here are the details:

Before the Meeting: Coin Magic Workshop by Cal Tong

At our pre-meeting workshop, Cal will perform and share his signature coin routine, "3 Bits of Silver." It's a three-coin routine that's perfect for walk-around performers. It's also included in the new Ring 216 book, The Real Magic of Silicon Valley: Volume 2 (see below).

Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2015
Time: 6:30 p.m.

Ring 216 Meeting: Open Performance Night

Bring your finished or unfinished routine to share with the club. If you haven't performed for the club yet this year, this is your chance to show your stuff.

Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2015
Time: 7:30 p.m.

Announcing the New Ring 216 Book!

Hot off the presses, the Ring 216 book is now available for order. We'll bring a copy for you to review, and you'll be able to place your order. The cost is $20. Please bring cash or check. This is your chance to learn some great new magic and support your fellow Ring members.

Recap of the Walk-Around Magic Competition

We had a great night of magic on Wednesday at the Yu-Ai Kai. There were two competitions and seven total competitors:

Standard Division
Ken King
Tom King
Alan Sands

Masters Division
Doug Eakin
David Gerard
John Jones
Cal Tong

The spectators in attendance saw a wide variety of magic involving everything from cards and coins to ropes and bills, and even tiny chickens (!).

And the winners of the competitions are...

Alan Sands and David Gerard

Congratulations to Alan for winning his first trophy and David for winning his fourth!

Coming next month

At our next meeting, on September 9, we'll be having an open performance night. So bring your finished or unfinished routine to share with the group. If you haven't performed for the club yet this year, this is your chance to share your magic.

Coming in October

Our Close-Up Magic Competition will be held on October 14. If you want to compete, just send an email to John Jones, who will be running the show.

Upcoming: 2015 Walk-Around Magic Competition

Sign-ups are open for the 2015 Walk-Around Magic Competition. This friendly competition will be held on our regular meeting night — Wednesday, August 12, 2015, at the Yu-Ai Kai Community Center.

Whether you're a past winner, a brand-new entrant, or something in between, now's your chance to share your routines and show off your skills. If you've won a competition in the past few years, you'll take part in the Masters Competition. Everyone else will take part in the Standard Competition. (We need at least four contestants for the competition to be valid.)

Want to read the rules? Check them out>

Ready to sign up? Send an email to David Martinez at

And even if you don't want to compete, we still want to see you there. Join us to watch the magic and bring your friends and family, too!

Next meeting: Teach-In Session and Wayne Houchin Lecture

Here's info about the July 8 meeting:

6:30 p.m.: Teach-In Session about False Counts

Fred Rasmussen will lead a pre-meeting teach-in session on the Elmsley and Jordan Counts. He will demonstrate and teach these sleights, and he will show and teach Twisting the Aces and Elmsley’s  “One Poor Lion,” which use the Elmsley and modified Jordan Sleights.

7:30 p.m.: Professional Lecture with Wayne Houchin

Strange Ideas is the new presentation from Wayne Houchin whose work as a performance artist, magician, and dare-devil has made him one of the most popular mystery entertainers in the world. Part performance and part lecture, Strange Ideas features a variety of new magic and surprising variations. Attendees will learn magic with needles, string, a helium balloon, dollar bills, cards, and more. Houchin’s magic is powerful and practical, and is suitable for both closeup and parlor style performances.

The lecture will start at 7:30 p.m. sharp. The cost will be $15 for paid Ring 216 members, $30 for non-members.

We will meet at our regular location at the Yu-Ai Kai Community Center.

See you then!

Upcoming Lecture: Wayne Houchin

We have a real treat for the club at our next meeting, July 8: Wayne Houchin! Here's some info:
Wayne Houchin: Strange Ideas 
Strange Ideas is the new presentation from Wayne Houchin whose work as a performance artist, magician, and dare-devil has made him one of the most popular mystery entertainers in the world. Part performance and part lecture, Strange Ideas features a variety of new magic and surprising variations. Attendees will learn magic with needles, string, a helium balloon, dollar bills, cards, and more. Houchin’s magic is powerful and practical, and is suitable for both closeup and parlor style performances. 
Wayne Houchin has performed around the world in more than 30 countries. He’s appeared on NBC’s Today Show, headlined the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, and made history when he stopped time during a live nationally televised stunt in Santo Domingo. Houchin currently stars in the Discovery Channel's Breaking Magic / The Magic of Science which has been watched by more than 100 million people worldwide.

As usual, the meeting will start at 7:30p.m. sharp. The cost will be $15 for paid Ring 216 members, $30 for non-members.

Look forward to seeing you there!

More info about the flea market and auction — June 10

Here's an update and reminder about the upcoming flea market and auction on June 10:

Tables Available
There are still tables available if you want to purchase one to sell your stuff. Contact Will Chandler ( to reserve yours now. Prices are: Large table $15 for paid members, $20 for non-members; small table, $10 for members, $15 for non-members. No sharing of tables allowed, sorry.

Arrive Early
There's a wine walk event in Japantown that day. Parking may be difficult, so plan to arrive early to find parking. Sellers, plan to arrive by 6:30 p.m. to help set up the tables and prepare your merchandise. Buyers can arrive by 7:00 p.m.

Make a Donation
If you have some unwanted stuff, consider donating it to the club. We'll auction it off that night, and the proceeds will go to Ring 216.

Use the Elevator
The Yu Ai Kai facility will be closing the stairs so that wine drinkers will not roam around. Plan to use the elevator.

6:30 PM: Sellers may arrive to set up their tables for the flea market.
7:00 PM: The doors open to buyers.
8:30 PM: The auction begins.
9:30 PM (approximately): All sales end and it's time to pack up

Coming June 10: Annual Ring 216 Flea Market and Auction

Got magic stuff you want to get rid of? Is there anything you have your eye on? Join us at our next meeting on Wednesday, June 10, beginning at 7:00 PM to shop the collections of your fellow magicians — and/or sell the stuff you don't use anymore.

Tables for the flea market are available now. You must contact Ring 216 treasurer Will Chandler ( to reserve your table today. The costs are:
  • Paid Ring 216 members: $15 for a large table, $10 for a small table
  • Non-members: $20 for a large table, $15 for a small table.
View a layout of the tables

There will also be an auction of magical goods. If you're interested in the auction, just show up. Anybody can sell at auction. The club takes a 10% fee for auction sales, but no fee for table sales.

Here's the itinerary for the evening:

6:30 PM: Sellers may arrive to set up their tables for the flea market.
7:00 PM: The doors open to buyers.
8:30 PM: The auction begins.
9:30 PM (approximately): All sales end and it's time to pack up.

Please note: There will be a wine walk event in Japantown on this day, and parking may be difficult. Please plan accordingly. We moved the time of the auction by 15 minutes to accommodate late-comers.

Bring your friends and your stuff — and your cash.

Want more details about the auction? Read our FAQ.

Coming May 13: Magic Lecture from David Gabbay

What: Lecture from master magician David Gabbay
When: May 13, 2015, at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Yu-Ai Kai Community Center
How Much: $15 for Ring 216 members, $30 for non-members

About the Lecture:

David Gabbay is a talented, award-winning magician and creator of some of the most visual, cutting-edge effects put out in recent years. He's starred in two critically acclaimed theatrical shows in Hollywood, messing with the audience’s perceptions to take them on a reality defying journey.

David is a consummate perfectionist, always playing around and tweaking his show based on his audience. This refining has allowed him instant flexibility and control over the flow of his shows as well as recognition from the magic community. In 2011, he won the Texas Association of Magic's 1st Place in Closeup and today is currently one of the Castle’s favorite performers, always in constant demand.

The lecture is meant to be informative as well as an entertaining discussion on some of his original effects and creative thinking, with something for magicians at every skill level. Throughout his lecture David will also discuss his experience on timing & misdirection, advantages of
keeping a magic journal, blending techniques, connecting with the audience, managing the peaks and valleys of your performance, and routining acts that flows fluidly to keep audiences fully engaged.

Here's what he'll be teaching:

  • David’s Coin Opener
  • Coins Through Silk & Sanchez Fly
  • David’s Topit
  • Coin in Purse to Box
  • Card to Impossible Locations (2 effects)
  • Coin in sugar packet
  • Tic-Tac box and specially designed card case
  • Stitch – Visually move your polo shirt's logo in full view
  • Impromptu book test
  • Fan Force
  • Classic Ninja Rings

Information about the next meeting — April 8, 2015

Two things coming up at the next meeting:

6:30 p.m. — Pre-meeting workshop
David Martinez, our Ring 216 webmaster and editor of our publication The Real Magic of Silicon Valley, will present and teach his routine "The Nothing Deck," which he performed at the last meeting and published in the book. This effect is simple to do and packs a powerful punch. At the workshop, we'll go over the method and handling, and we'll also discuss David's presentation as well as alternates. This is a free workshop and all members are invited to attend.

7:30 p.m. — Professional lecture from Lee Earle
Join master mentalist Lee Earle for his farewell lecture. Full details are available here (or just scroll down). The lecture will begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. at the Yu-Ai Kai Community Center, so please be on time. The cost is $15 for paid Ring 216 members and $30 for non-members.

See you all there!

Coming April 8, 2015: Magic Lecture by Lee Earle

What: Lecture from legendary mentalist Lee Earle
When: April 8, 2015, at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Yu-Ai Kai Community Center
How Much: $15 for Ring 216 members, $30 for non-members

About the Lecture:
Lee Earle turned 69 years old in June 2014 and it’s time to start planning for what will probably be his ‘Farewell Tour’. He has spread his love for Mentalism by presenting hundreds of lectures in just about every English speaking country in the world, and in quite a few others - with the help of translators.

Earle’s lectures go well beyond ‘teaching tricks’ and focus on modeling an example from which other performers can learn the real work:

1. Performance technique
2. Platform skills
3. Psychology of presentation
4. Supporting a performance premise
5. Delivery of humor
6. Directed attention (misdirection)
7. Professional attitude
8. Audience handling
9. Selecting the best material for every performance style
10. ...and more!

Magic clubs and enthusiasts are the pool from which Mentalism draws new, fresh talent - and every lecture is packed with real-world advice, ideas, and concepts that have helped numerous entertainers make their move into this lucrative specialty. His unique teaching style divides the lecture into multiple individual segments - each of which includes performance, explanation (while the material is fresh in the audience’s minds), discussion, and advocacy - putting the emphasis on simplicity, practical methods, and personality-driven presentations.

Lee always brings a variety of props and videos to every lecture to offer on his back-of-room table. When possible, these items are available at a discount from retail and ‘special deal bundles’ are always offered. While it’s always nice to make a few happy dollars peddling props, Lee’s first priority is always focused on teaching, not selling. Lecture notes are printed and bound booklets.

Upcoming Meeting: Open Performance Night

It's been a few months since we've had a meeting entirely dedicated to performances by you. So come join us at the next meeting — March 11 at 7:30 p.m. at Yu Ai Kai Community Center — and bring a trick to perform. Something you're working on, something you're polishing, something fun, whatever. And if you have an announcement to make about upcoming shows, bring that too.

See you all on March 11!

Call for Entries: The new Ring 216 Magic Book

We’re looking for a few more good tricks.
Submit your original effects for publication in the followup to last year’s book, The Real Magic of Silicon Valley, Vol. 1. Closeup, walk-around, parlor, or stage. Coins, cards, ropes, whatever. We’re looking for at least 10 effects featuring creative plots, new methods, or original presentations.

All magicians whose trick appears in the book will receive a free hardcover. Members and others can also purchase printed copies.

How It Works

  • Write up your effect in the style of a typical magic book: Effect, Setup, Method. 
  • Be sure to include credits.
  • Submit your writeup to David Martinez.
  • Your description will be edited and prepared for publication.
  • If photographs are required, we’ll set up a photo shoot at the Magic Garage.

Deadline: May 1, 2015
Questions? Contact David Martinez (

Click to enlarge

Coming Feb. 11, 2015: Magic Lecture by Patrick Redford

What: Magic lecture by Patrick Redford
When: Wednesday, Feb 11, at 7:30PM
Where: Yu Ai Kai Center
How Much: $15 for paid Ring 216 members, $25 for non-members

Click to enlarge
About Patrick
Patrick Redford may be best known for his 2009 mentalism release of Prevaricator that boasts a three hour video course on how to execute the real ability of non-contact mind reading. Redford has been featured at a variety of conventions around the world including IMX and MINDvention in Las Vegas, South Tynside’s International Magic Festival in England and most recently featured on the main stage at the largest magic festival in the world in Blackpool, England. He’s been seen on Finnish and American television and seen performing on stages throughout the USA, Canada, Indonesia, Peru, the United Kingdom, The Philippines and Singapore.

Highlights of his lecture include:

  • Get a sneak peek at Patrick’s newest approach to ACAAN with a borrowed deck. A card is thought of and a number is thought of. The performer is never aware of either until the cards are out of his hands and announced by the participants.
  • Witness his Ninja Tossed Out Deck system in action with an ungimmicked deck of cards.
  • Learn an impossible “hands off” test condition coin bend where you never appear to touch the borrowed coin.
  • Divine which person in a group is focusing on a negative thought amongst the sea of happy and then divine and pin point those exact thoughts.
  • A powerful way to have two strangers divine the other’s birthday
  • And more!

“I have known and eagerly followed the creations of Patrick ever since he was George (or is it the other way around?) His deep thinking… is of value to anyone who wants to grow from owning props to possessing power” – Michael Weber

“It’s not often that I’m so badly fooled.” – Gregory WIlson

“Fantastic Effects, Diabolical Methods, and Refreshingly Original.” – Neil Tobin

“F*cking Impressive” – Bruce Bernstein

Recap of the Ring 216 Awards Banquet

We had a great banquet on Saturday, January 17. Performances by Eric Buss and Big Al Catraz highlighted the evening, and we had a great turnout among club members, friends, and family.

We also announced the competition awards for 2014. Here's a recap of the awards (not all winners attended the banquet):

Standard Competitions:
Walk-Around: Raahul Srinivasen
People's Choice: Raahul Srinivasan

Closeup: Perry Yan
People's Choice: Perry Yan

Stage: Fred Lee
People's Choice: Perry Yan

Master's Competitions:
Walk-Around: David Gerard
People's Choice: David Gerard

Closeup: Alan Leeds
People's Choice: David Martinez

Stage: Dan Chan
People's Choice: John Jones

Congratulations to everyone who attended. Be sure to check out the Ring 216 Facebook page for pictures from the gala event.