Upcoming Lecture: Juan Luis Rubiales coming May 14

With the help of Raahul, we have another lecturer from Spain, Juan Luis Rubiales.

Until now, magic with coins has always been more technical than intellectual, in this lecture Juan Luis Rubiales gives his unique touches with this kind of magic to make it more accessible to your spectators. Revamped methods under the clear influence of Dai Vernon through his writings and Juan Tamariz, as his direct teacher.

But not just this, he also will teach a few of his card magic works, works from his studies at the prestigious Escorial convention, like his version of "triple coincidence" by Tamariz... BUT with a bound deck, stabbed cards, card in the glob and a few bits more that make us believe in real magic.

Reminder about Ring 216 Magic Book

Ring 216 Members: It’s your chance to share your magical creations and see them in print.

Submit your original effects for publication in a new book to be produced by the Ring. Closeup, walk-around, parlor, or stage. Coins, cards, ropes, whatever. We’re looking for at least 10 effects featuring either creative plots, new methods, or original presentations—or all three.

How It Works:

  • Write up your effect in the style of a typical magic book: Effect, Setup, Method. 
  • Be sure to include credits.
  • Submit your writeup to the editor (see below) for review by our advisory panel. 
  • If your trick is accepted, your description will be edited and prepared for publication.
  • If photographs are required, we’ll set up a photo shoot at the Magic Garage.

We’ll produce ebook, paperback, and hardcover versions of the book using print-on-demand technology. All Ring 216 members will get the ebook free and printed copies at discounted prices.

Don’t wait too long to submit your ideas. The deadline for entries is May 1, 2014.

Editor: David Martinez, davidhmartinez@gmail.com
Advisory Panel: Cal Tong, David Martinez