Coming Dec. 8: Ring 216 Virtual Magic Competition

As you know, Ring 216 normally holds three separate competitions every year. Since we're still not ready to meet in person, we've decided to hold our 2021 magic competition online again this year. Join us to enjoy some fun magic. And share the link with all your friends, too. 

DATE: Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021 
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PST 
HOW: Live online via Zoom (link sent via email)

 If you would like to perform, we're taking signups now! 

Competition rules 
  • Perform an act up to 6 minutes long broadcast from your location on Zoom 
  • The act must be live, not pre-recorded 
  • You may call on audience helpers over Zoom to help, but no stooges allowed 
  • You can also use an assistant at your location 
  • Voting will be done online and will encompass the same categories as the regular competitions 
  • Make sure your lighting, camera, and sound are acceptable so that people can enjoy the performance 
  • No adult-oriented material or danger acts 
  • Only paid-up members of Ring 216 for 2021 are eligible to perform 
  • We'll invite non-magicians to enjoy the show and possibly vote for a people's choice
Interested in competing? Send email to

Coming Nov. 10: Spotlight on Local Magic II

Our September Spotlight was such a big hit that we've decided to try it again!

This month, we're inviting two more local magic luminaries for an evening of magic and conversation:

  • Kevin Blake, San Francisco illusionist (
  • Adam Cheyer, creator of Siri and local magic luminary

Kevin and Adam will tell stories, share some magic, and answer questions.

Kevin and Adam have generously offered their time for this special Ring 216 event, so let's plan to give them a very warm welcome!

DATE: Nov. 10, 2021

TIME: 7:30 p.m. PT

HOW: Live online via Zoom

SPECIAL NOTE: This Zoom meeting free for everyone on the mailing list! You don't have to be a paid Ring 216 member to enjoy this experience.

Coming Oct. 13: Focus on learning and performing


Join your friends in magic for our October Ring 216 meeting where we'll learn and perform together:
DATE: October 13, 2021
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PDT
HOW: Live online via Zoom
Zoom room opens at 7:15

Zoom link:
Check your email

This month's meeting is a time to relax with your magic friends, learn a few things, and share what you're working on. Here's the tentative agenda:
  • Welcome
  • Teaching Sessions (10 minutes each):
    • Dan Chan performs and teaches his variation of Dr. Daley's Last Trick
    • John Morgan teaches a vocal exercise to help us project our voices better
    • Tom Collett shares tips on how to handle a thumb tip
  • Sharing is caring (variable time):
    • You're invited to share an idea, tip, book, video, or anything else magic-related that you think the rest of the membership will benefit from
  • Open performances (5-8 minutes per person):
    • Perform a polished routine or just something you're working on in a supporting and friendly environment.
    • If you're new to the club, this is your chance to introduce yourself.
    • You can receive feedback if you're interested.
SPECIAL NOTE: This Zoom meeting free for everyone on this mailing list! You don't have to be a paid Ring 216 member to enjoy this experience.

This meeting will be recorded and made available for later viewing.

Meeeting Report: Sep 8, 2021 - Spotlight on Local Magic

  A “Spotlight on Local Magic” was shining for San Jose’s Ring 216 meeting of September 8, 2021. Bay area magicians Jay Alexander and Brad Barton appeared out of thin air – via Zoom – and talked about their public shows, told stories, shared some magic and answered questions for forty attendees.

First on the bill was Jay Alexander, proprietor of the Marrakech Magic Theater (, where he performs over 400 shows a year (in non-viral times). Asked why he wanted a single performing venue, Jay explained the appeal of a solo magic theater, of which there are fifty in the country. Unlike cruise ships, people come to a theater ready to see a magician, and unlike working on the street, one can use all the theatrical elements: music, lights and even silence. Jay orchestrates the entire audience experience: he greets the people as they enter the lobby, does a little close-up, and then brings them into the theater, where he makes some of them stars in his show. For the Ring, he performed astounding selections from his act, reading and controlling the minds of remote Ring members Satvik, Gary G., and Fred R. — but no spoilers will be given here.

Brad Barton, Reality Thief, then talked about his shows “The Lost Church” and “The Gift” ( He began with a performance that charmed and astonished (and will also not be described here). Brad’s presentations have a philosophical tone as he encourages the particiipants to consider their dreams, their special memories, and the place for gratitude in their lives. He described his history at the small performance theater called the Lost Church, which became his home for more than five years with of sold-out shows.

Then Jay and Brad together answered questions about the life of a magician. They both painfully recalled their worst shows and spoke warmly of their best shows. David C. asked why they both chose mentalism, and in response they both emphasized the personal aspect for the audience – no other magic was as engaging and as powerful. In answer to a question from Perry Y., they both stressed the importance of recording all your shows and watching yourself work, much as you might dislike it. As Jay said, “If you hate yourself on video, how can you expect others to watch you?” Problem solved — their shows are a must for anyone in the Bay area and are a guaranteed good time.

Coming Sept. 8: Spotlight on Local Magic


Not having in-person meetings gives Ring 216 the opportunity to try new things that we could never do with in-person meetings. And our September meeting is the perfect example!

We've invited two accomplished local magicians who each have their own currently running ticketed magic show in San Francisco to join us for a very special event live on Zoom.
Jay and Brad will talk to us about their public shows, tell stories, share some magic, and answer questions. This is a rare opportunity to hear what it's like to achieve the dream that many of us share: to have a regular ticketed magic show — and in the case of Jay, to have his own venue!

Jay and Brad have generously offered their time for this special Ring 216 event, so let's plan to give them a very warm welcome! 

DATE: September 8, 2021
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PDT
HOW: Live online via Zoom
This Zoom meeting free for everyone on the Ring 216 mailing list! You don't have to be a paid Ring 216 member to enjoy this experience. Please sign up for the mailing list by following the link at right.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Andrew Evans of the Magic Patio is unable to make it to our event. We will definitely invite him back in the future!
If there is time after Jay and Brad talk, please stick around to talk magic, share some tricks, and just have a fun time chitchatting with your magic friends. David Martinez will moderate the chat and give everyone a chance to participate.