Coming May 11: The Ring 216 Monthly Meeting!

It was great to see so many faces last month. So guess what? We're going to do to it again for our May meeting!

DATE: May 11, 2022

TIME: 7:30 p.m. PDT

LOCATION: Yu-Ai Kai Senior Center, 588 N. 4th St., San Jose


Everybody is welcome to attend, including new magicians who have not paid their dues and want to check it out first.


7:30 - Announcements

7:40 - Short lectures from members on various magic topics... details to come

8:45ish - Open performances... Show us what you've been working on!


Snacks and drinks will be provided


Yu-Ai Kai requires attendees to be vaccinated, including at least one booster. You will also need to sign a Covid-19 waiver.


We will bring a computer and stream the event live on Zoom. We tried this last time and we learned a lot about how to improve the experience for remote members. Please check your email for the Zoom link.

Coming April 13: First In-Person Meeting in 2 years!

 Hey, remember what it was like to meet in person? Guess what? That's what we're going to do on for our April meeting!

DATE: April 13, 2022

TIME: 7:30 p.m. PST

LOCATION: Yu-Ai Kai Senior Center, 588 N. 4th St., San Jose

Food and drinks will be provided!


7:30ish - Announcements and social time... Share personal updates, books, ideas

8:30ish - Open performances... Show us what you've been working on!


We will bring a computer and stream the event live on Zoom. But we honestly don't know what the experience will be like for remote members. This is an experiment and we are looking for ideas to improve.

The good news is that we believe Zoom lectures are here to stay. They are a great way to bring in big name magicians who can't travel all the way to us. Stay tuned for additional information.

Meeting Report - March 9, 2022: Curtis Kam Lecture


At the March 2022 meeting of Ring 216, Jim Blashek announced the sad news of the passing of Ken Gielow. Ken’s estate has donated 600 dollars to the Ring, and Jim is handling the distribution of many boxes filled with the collection of a lifetime in magic.


For the night’s lecture, the Ring was pleased to welcome a master magician and friend to many in the Bay Area: Curtis Kam! During the pandemic Curtis started in some fresh directions, including starting a monthly magazine, The Disclaimer ( In the lecture, he presented many new things he had been working on, including Zoom-centric magic.


The starting effect was a very clean Coins Across with three coins and a finger ring. He then caused the ring (ungimmicked) to penetrate on and off his fingers, then, going too far, pulls off the ring and his finger comes off with it. Next came a a triple color changing deck routine performed with a dealer item that Curtis created. Then his ingenious variation of a classic trick: two decks of different colors that won’t stay in their cases – put one deck in its case, and the other pops out. The recasting of the classic was itself a lesson in inventiveness.


For card tricks that can be done over Zoom, Curtis taught a trick with five cards that combined ideas from Jacob Dailey and Larry Jennings, and a variation of a Dave Solomon effect (based on an Alex Elmsley principle) in which a spectator makes a series of free choices in order to find their own selected card. He had a new self-working card trick with an amusing premise, “The Spectator Almost Cuts to the Aces”. Then he presented a version of a currently notorious effect, in which a freely chosen number gives the exact location of the only printed card in a completely blank deck – unlike a current dealer item, this version is truly ungimmicked and examinable.


There were plenty of stories about performing and tips on numerous tricks. Many of the effects were described in lecture notes Curtis distributed free and instantly over Zoom as a PDF file. It was a great evening of creative magic.   

Coming March 9: Curtis Kam Lecture

 About Curtis Kam, The Wizard of Waikiki

Kam headlined “Magic in Paradise” at the Hale Koa Hotel for 13 years, performed tableside sleight-of-hand regularly at Dave and Buster’s, Tony Roma’s, TGI Fridays, and has entertained corporate and private audiences in Hawaii for over 40 years.  He has designed illusions for “The Magic of Polynesia,” Honolulu marketing and media firms, trade shows, conventions, Ballet Hawaii, and Hawaii Opera Theater. Since 1989, he has performed as one-half of the mentalism and magic team Paranormal Guys with mythical radio personality Jon Kealoha. For even longer, he has created new magic and has lectured to magicians in Milan, Tokyo, Marseilles, Honolulu, California, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Washington, Las Vegas, Hollywood’s Magic Castle and London's Magic Circle..

About the Lecture

As the saying goes, “No matter where you go, there you are,” and where we all are right now is hunkered down in front of a computer screen. Granted, that’s not much different from the way we lived last year, but it is a change in the way we experience a magic show.

Curtis Kam presents a collection of effects, some explained and some not, that reveal the secrets of performing successfully in this environment. Surprisingly, effects that happen in the spectators’ hands, usually procedure heavy “remote” or “virtual” tricks, are only a small part of this. Mostly, the magic that works online is magic you already own, or do, you just have to know what to look for. These secrets turn quarantine into opportunity.

The lecture features a combination of effects that work on Zoom, and those that have to be done live.

DATE: March 9, 2022
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PST
HOW: Live online via Zoom
COST: Free for paid 2022 members of Ring 216 (see below); $15 for non-members
The Zoom link will be sent to paid attendees the day of the event.

Coming Feb. 9: Lecture by Garrett Thomas

DATE: Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PST
HOW: Live online via Zoom
COST: Free for paid 2022 members of Ring 216 (see below); $15 for non-members

About Garrett Thomas
Garrett Thomas is a world-renowned magician, admired by peers and fans alike. In 2020 he was awarded the top prize on the nationally syndicated show Penn & Teller: Fool Us.  He’s an inventor, creator, performer and mentor with magic being his life and daily path.  A New York State native, he has performed nationally and internationally, recorded videos, been a guest speaker for lectures, presented classes, tutored aspiring magicians and been the highlight of special events for thousands of people.

About the Lecture
Garrett will lecture on magic theory, motivation and structure
Effects like
- Ring thing
- Banded
- Opus
- Anniversary Waltz
- Lie to me

Techniques with the rings, cards and coins
- The web grip
- Hand-to-hand transfers
- One handed Tilt
- Go deeper subtlety
- Speedreader Mark deck

And more depending on the random interesting questions that the group asks.
The Zoom link will be sent to paid attendees the day of the event.

If you don't want to become a member but still want to attend the lecture, please send a PayPal for $15 to

Note: This lecture must be experienced LIVE. It will NOT be recorded.