Upcoming Event: Ring 216 Awards Banquet and Show

Coming Jan 12, 2013, is the IBM Ring 216 Awards Banquet and Show starring Andrew Goldenhersh and Alex Wu. Tickets are selling fast. Please contact Treasurer Will Chandler for purchasing tickets (treasurer@ring216.org).

The event is for Club members, sister clubs, families and friends!

Upcoming Lecture: Andrew Goldenhersh

World-renowned magician Andrew Goldenhersh will be lecturing for us at the Ring meeting on January 9, 2013!

Member Cost: $15 / Non-Member Cost: $25

NOTE: Remember to pay your annual dues so that you can get in for the member rate!

"Pure enchantment...Andrew could entertain the gods."
-Jason Alexander
"Awesome...totally awesome! We're going to be talking about you for a very long time..."
-Johnny Depp
"To call this man a magician falls far short of his abilities. Andrew understands the real magic of entertaining."
-Genii Magazine

Andrew Goldenhersch

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Next meeting: Stage/Parlor Competition

Join us on December 12, 2012, for the IBM Ring 216 Annual Parlor/Stage Competition.

We have 3 competitors signed up for the standard division so far! If you are interested in competing, please send me an email. In addition to the standard division, we will also have our Masters Division as well. So if you have won first place in one of the competition events in previous years, then you qualify for the master's division and can sign up for this event! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me (calvin.tong@ring216.org)

Read the competition rules here.

Recap: Ring 216 Election of Officers for 2013

The annual election of officers was held on Nov 14th at the Ring Meeting. Each nominated candidate was announced and floor nominations were opened up for each position. There was one floor nomination for Sergeant at Arms (which had no candidate).  With only one candidate for each position, candidates were approved with a showing of approval by raised hands. All positions were unanimously approved.

Here are the results:
* President - Calvin Tong
* Vice President - Raahul Srinivasan
* Secretary- John Jones
* Treasurer- Will Chandler
* Web Master - David Martinez
* Sergeant at Arms – Craig Ousterling