The Real Magic of Silicon Valley: Vol. 2

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The Real Magic of Silicon Valley: Volume 2 gives you a unique peek at the creativity and showmanship of I.B.M. Ring 216 members. Here’s what you’ll find within these pages:

“Mexican Poker” by Stan Sieler: A semi-automatic card routine that’s fit for both stage and close-up.

“Emmie’s Trick” by Jim Mullen: A clever card revelation—using your family dog!

“The Nine Card Problem” by Stan Sieler: A packet of cards prove a psychic link between two spectators.

“X-Ray Vision” by Ken Taylor: See through solid wood using a special pair of specs.

“Internet Aces” by Gary Goldberg: A find-the-aces routine brought into the computer age.

“The Lazier Magician’s Memorized Pack” by Aries Broadnax: A new way to memorize a deck—very little effort required.

“Houdini’s Departure” by Fred Rasmussen: A fun presentation of a classic card routine.

“Opening Lines” by David Martinez: An essay with ideas on how to kick off your routines.

“Beginner’s Luck” by Fred Lee: The “which hand?” game in which even if you’re wrong, you’re right.

“Juan Dollar Wager by David Martinez: An original Bank Night script in which the spectator wins—or thinks she does.

“Three Bits of Silver” by Cal Tong: An self-contained three-coin routine that’s great for walk-around performers.

“Quicker Silver” by John Jones: Coins travel invisibly—yet audibly—from your hand into a spectator’s.

“CGI” by Fred Lee: A deceptive way to make your Sharpie disappear.
Book Details
Hardcover with dust jacket; 104 pages
Published 2015 by Ring 216 Publishing
Printed by Lulu Press
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