Coming Jan. 9, 2019: Workshop and Lecture by Gregory Wilson

Join us on Wednesday, January 9, for an epic workshop and lecture by acclaimed magician Gregory Wilson.

About the Lecture: "Things I Carry and Use"

Just like the title reveals, this lecture uses things that fit in his pockets and are found around him, ever-ready for spur-of-the-moment astonishments.

Continuing on his impromptu work from Off the Cuff and On the Spot, Greg teaches how to convert everyday objects into devastating weapons of deception.

The emphasis here is entertainment. Just because it's called a lecture doesn't mean is has to be dry and academic. You'll experience a rip-roaring, laugh out loud, audience-involving show!

No RSVP necessary... just show up!

TIME: 7:30 –10:00 p.m.
PRICE: $15 for members, $30 for non-members
(Annual membership is $25 and you can sign up at the lecture.)

About the Workshop: A Hands-On, Four-Hour Personal Training Session

Beyond cards, there are many normal and natural props that would make MacGyver proud, like coins, phones, watches, rings, toothpicks, and anything in a coffeehouse.

The format of the workshop is your choice: Impromptu and/or formal performances; scheduled and/or personal requests.

Each attendee will also learn the underlying philosophy and psychology of how and why deception works. All in all, this interactive course of instruction will guarantee that everyone walks away with full and complete routines in their working repertoires.

TIME: 3:00 – 7:00 p.m.
PRICE: $75 payable directly to Greg at the workshop. (There is no Ring 216 member discount.)

LIMITED TO 10 ATTENDEES! You must sign up ahead of time by sending email to No exceptions!

About Gregory Wilson

Gregory Wilson is a two-time FISM award-winner with a score of best-selling instructional DVD's on the market.

He has performed and lectured on 6 continents, in 47 countries and over 1,000 cities, giving him the experience to add to your own personal experience.

Meeting Report: December 12, 2018 - Stage and Parlor Competition

December was Stage and Parlor Competition time at Ring 216! In the Standard Division: Alexander Thorn caused a blindfolded spectator to divine a chosen drawing. Suyash Joshi combined technology and magic in several effects. Susan Zeller performed her musical cups and balls. Mitch Kothe showed his ability to balance. And Miriam Al-Sultan found half of a spectator’s bill in a candy bar.

In the Masters Division: John Jones caused a spectator’s chosen king to lose his head. Fred Lee excited with billiard ball manipulation and card productions. Tom Collett explained the difference between science and magic as he made red and white knots change places. David Martinez showed that a set of free mental choices by spectators had been predicted before the show.

The voting was close, as always. The winners were:

Standard Division
First – Susan Zeller
Second and People’s Choice – Mitch Kothe

Master’s Division:
First and People’s Choice – Tom Collett
Second Place – Fred Lee

Congratulations to all contestants for a good show!