Upcoming meeting: Closeup Magic Competition 2014

We have our Annual Close Up Competition event on October 8th and we are still taking sign-ups. To sign up for the standard or masters division, send Cal (only Cal, no need to fill everyone's mailbox with un-necessary stuff) an email indicating your interest in competing: president@ring216.org

Check the rules and information on competitions:

For those competing:
  • Be ready to perform your close up act several times through the evening. 
  • Your act will be 6 minutes long (Max) with 2 minutes to strike. You may get more time depending on the number of performers
  • No fire or adults-only (blue) material
  • No engaging with the audience before the start of your act.
  • Points will be taken off your score if you exceed the max time limit or violate any other rules
  • You will be expected to help out with the execution of the competition event when you are not competing (ie...handing out pencils, ballots, timer, explaining rules, guiding lay people to their tables, gathering stuff back, etc...)
  • There will be a table to work off of. If you need a close up pad, THEN BRING ONE. If you need something to cover the front of the table, THEN BRING WHATEVER YOU NEED.
Contact Cal if you have any questions or if you want to sign up!

Bring your friends or family with you to enjoy an evening of great magic. The more people we have, the better the magic.

Family and friends (non-members) will be the judges for the People's Choice Award, assuming we have at least 10 laypeople present. Paid members in good standing will be the judges for the masters division. The standard division will be judged by the master-level competitors.

The time and place are the same as usual: Yu-Ai Kai Community Center at 7:30 p.m. sharp. See you then!