Coming Feb. 11, 2015: Magic Lecture by Patrick Redford

What: Magic lecture by Patrick Redford
When: Wednesday, Feb 11, at 7:30PM
Where: Yu Ai Kai Center
How Much: $15 for paid Ring 216 members, $25 for non-members

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About Patrick
Patrick Redford may be best known for his 2009 mentalism release of Prevaricator that boasts a three hour video course on how to execute the real ability of non-contact mind reading. Redford has been featured at a variety of conventions around the world including IMX and MINDvention in Las Vegas, South Tynside’s International Magic Festival in England and most recently featured on the main stage at the largest magic festival in the world in Blackpool, England. He’s been seen on Finnish and American television and seen performing on stages throughout the USA, Canada, Indonesia, Peru, the United Kingdom, The Philippines and Singapore.

Highlights of his lecture include:

  • Get a sneak peek at Patrick’s newest approach to ACAAN with a borrowed deck. A card is thought of and a number is thought of. The performer is never aware of either until the cards are out of his hands and announced by the participants.
  • Witness his Ninja Tossed Out Deck system in action with an ungimmicked deck of cards.
  • Learn an impossible “hands off” test condition coin bend where you never appear to touch the borrowed coin.
  • Divine which person in a group is focusing on a negative thought amongst the sea of happy and then divine and pin point those exact thoughts.
  • A powerful way to have two strangers divine the other’s birthday
  • And more!

“I have known and eagerly followed the creations of Patrick ever since he was George (or is it the other way around?) His deep thinking… is of value to anyone who wants to grow from owning props to possessing power” – Michael Weber

“It’s not often that I’m so badly fooled.” – Gregory WIlson

“Fantastic Effects, Diabolical Methods, and Refreshingly Original.” – Neil Tobin

“F*cking Impressive” – Bruce Bernstein

Recap of the Ring 216 Awards Banquet

We had a great banquet on Saturday, January 17. Performances by Eric Buss and Big Al Catraz highlighted the evening, and we had a great turnout among club members, friends, and family.

We also announced the competition awards for 2014. Here's a recap of the awards (not all winners attended the banquet):

Standard Competitions:
Walk-Around: Raahul Srinivasen
People's Choice: Raahul Srinivasan

Closeup: Perry Yan
People's Choice: Perry Yan

Stage: Fred Lee
People's Choice: Perry Yan

Master's Competitions:
Walk-Around: David Gerard
People's Choice: David Gerard

Closeup: Alan Leeds
People's Choice: David Martinez

Stage: Dan Chan
People's Choice: John Jones

Congratulations to everyone who attended. Be sure to check out the Ring 216 Facebook page for pictures from the gala event.