Meeting Report - January 18, 2022: Chris Randall Lecture

The first meeting of IBM Ring 216 in 2022 began with welcoming new members to the club, many who attended from long distances, one of the advantages of conducting meetings over Zoom. Then the officers for the year were introduced. These are David Martinez, President; John Morgan, Vice President; Tom Collett, Treasurer; Mitch Kothe, Sergeant at Arms; Dan Chan, Social Media Manager; and Gary Goldberg, Secretary.


The lecturer for the evening was Chris Randall. Chris had visited Ring 216 six years ago and was now Zooming in remotely from his home in Las Vegas. This lecture was an expert class on street performing. He emphasized that being able to make money on the street, as he has done for ten years, means he is never unemployed: he can work anywhere, anytime. Chris described in detail the act he performs six times a day on Fremont Street in Las Vegas, two hours a day. He spoke of self-motivation, coming up with one’s own act, and being able to bring the same act indoors and do it as close-up or stage.       


“The street performer has three jobs,” Chris said. “Get them to stop, get them to stay, and get them to pay.” He explained how his act addressed each task. He often gathers a crowd with the Floating Card, whose nuances and variations he described in great detail. The same attention was given to his descriptions of the appearing balls, the magic egg bag with audience participation, and two bills in a lemon. Each effect was extremely well described and full of invaluable professional tips learned from long experience: the best materials to use in making certain props, what to do when something breaks, the role of sunlight, why he chooses one action or bit of business over another, the use of music, and more, in a lecture lasting more than three hours. Throughout, he gave credit to his mentors and many magical creators, especially Chris Capehart and Scott Alexander. One is unlikely to find a deeper education anywhere on the ins and outs of professional street performing.


    IBM Ring 216 of Silicon Valley meets online the second Wednesday of every month. We welcome all visiting magicians.

Coming Jan. 12: Virtual Lecture by Chris Randall

We're excited to announce our first lecture of 2022... Chris Randall!

DATE: January 12, 2022

TIME: 7:30 p.m. PST

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The lecture will be live on Zoom. Link will be included in an email to paid members.



Born and Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada Chris Randall has swept the world of entertainment. His style is a mix of classic Sleight-of-Hand and hilarious audience participation. He is was one of the stars of the hit television show, Masters of Illusion. Chris is also a featured performer at the famed Magic Castle. He has shared his magic with over millions of people in over 36 counties including England, Switzerland, Greece, China, Thailand, France, Spain, Egypt Japan, Mexico and Lebanon. Chris Randall is also a World Champion of magic winning multiple awards including Best Stage Champion 2015 from the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He has also appeared on Princess, NCL, and Paul Gauguin cruise lines. Chris also travels the country performing at comedy clubs such as Sapphire Comedy Hour in Las Vegas and The Laugh Factory. He has also opened for Louie Anderson in Las Vegas and is currently one of the most sought out acts in the world today. 

Oh… I forgot to mention, Chris Randall competed in 2017 at the triennial championships of magic…the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques (F.I.S.M.)


ABOUT THE LECTURE: The Minimalist Magician by Chris Randall


Chris Randall’s famous handling of the Hummer card Chris was one of the developers with the Houdini Magic corporation of making a hit popular trick around the world. He will show you all of his touches like a floating card and floating coin and any light weight objects.

New FISM opener

Flip stick and balls from mouth. This is a crazy handling of the balls that Chris learned from Vito Lupo and Eric Evans combining both of their ideas. The opening of the routine is based on Eric Evans and goes into Vito Lupo back in Eric Evans and then back in Vito Lupo it’s a wonderful blend of two famous and wonderful magicians

Las Vegas Opener

Chris has taken the famous Chicago opened to a new level... chest level !

The Chicago opened is taken to a parlor/ stage level. This takes a close up trick to a stage effect that can be done in a thousand seat theater.

Blonde Ambition

Torn and restored transposition mixed with ambitious card and card to mouth.

This is a beautiful transition from effect to effect it is a 10 minute routine that combines so much and is a beautiful choreography of pocket management and routine management

Egg bag:

The classic egg bag as taught to Chris by Danny Haney and Scott Alexander it is a perfect trick in the beginning of yourself without a doubt the perfect audience participation and trick

Gypsy Floss:

inspired by Gaetan Blooms Gypsy thread Chris makes the effect as practical as possible especially for the street and explains why it can bring an audience together.

Add a phone:

A wonderful mix of the tossed out deck and the add a number with a surprising ending


the bill in lemon in a full act mixed with a very visual rope routine. It’s Chris Randall’s signature routine and is a sure fire closer.

Paper Hat Tear:

The classic paper hats here with a really wonderful twist at the end they all have your audience laughing like crazy. Yes there is a pickpocketing element to this but can be a closer to a show

Feeling Good:

For the first time ever Chris will reveal his award winning three times award winning IBM trophy routine the most in history ! Feeling Good. It is the Best of the Best of card manipulation that even lead him to FISM. This is 20 plus years of work on card manipulation.

Encore routines:

Heavens Aces:

Chris Randall‘s handling of the phoenix aces that has appeared on masters of illusion and all around the world


The first trick Chris ever published in magic magazine it is the best handling of the ace assembly ever produced this has been a statement by the best of the best

The lecture also focuses on not carrying any props the entire show including our table all fit in a backpack checking all the bags and not paying for shipping anymore yet still delivering a full 90 minutes so they can play on 1000 seat theater stage.

Chris will even speak about his ups and downs of the magic world leading him even to a high end gig in Las Vegas at Bally’s Hotel starring in the residency of Masters of illusion. As well as his journey to F.I.S.M., Paris Les Grand Cabaret Du Monde 3 I.B.M. wins and more.