Meeting Report: December 12, 2018 - Stage and Parlor Competition

December was Stage and Parlor Competition time at Ring 216! In the Standard Division: Alexander Thorn caused a blindfolded spectator to divine a chosen drawing. Suyash Joshi combined technology and magic in several effects. Susan Zeller performed her musical cups and balls. Mitch Kothe showed his ability to balance. And Miriam Al-Sultan found half of a spectator’s bill in a candy bar.

In the Masters Division: John Jones caused a spectator’s chosen king to lose his head. Fred Lee excited with billiard ball manipulation and card productions. Tom Collett explained the difference between science and magic as he made red and white knots change places. David Martinez showed that a set of free mental choices by spectators had been predicted before the show.

The voting was close, as always. The winners were:

Standard Division
First – Susan Zeller
Second and People’s Choice – Mitch Kothe

Master’s Division:
First and People’s Choice – Tom Collett
Second Place – Fred Lee

Congratulations to all contestants for a good show!