Recap: Ring 216 Election of Officers for 2013

The annual election of officers was held on Nov 14th at the Ring Meeting. Each nominated candidate was announced and floor nominations were opened up for each position. There was one floor nomination for Sergeant at Arms (which had no candidate).  With only one candidate for each position, candidates were approved with a showing of approval by raised hands. All positions were unanimously approved.

Here are the results:
* President - Calvin Tong
* Vice President - Raahul Srinivasan
* Secretary- John Jones
* Treasurer- Will Chandler
* Web Master - David Martinez
* Sergeant at Arms – Craig Ousterling

The Board of Directors (7) therefore will consist of the above officers and past President / Advisor Fred Rasmussen.  Congratulations to the new officers.

The rest of the evening consisted of our popular Open Performance Night.  Members were excited to perform for the club and show what they have applied from lectures throughout the year.  Past President Fred Rassmussen performed a color changing card routine, Sy Hoff performed mentalism using a jumbo brainwave deck, and newly elected 2013 Sergeant at Arms Craig Ousterling performed a card transformation effect.  After a short break, Professor Ken King performed a 3 card routine using a Trojan War theme, Doug Eakin performed a wild card effect, and visiting mentalist Nathan Hadsall demonstrated a card to pocket routine.  We then wrapped up the evening with magical sessioning and socializing.