Recap of Close-Up Magic Competition

We had an amazing turnout at our Close-Up Magic Competition on Wednesday, Oct. 14. 45 to 50 people attended, and we had a record number of 12 competitors, six in each division.

Standard Division
Ken King, Vikram Singh, Luke Adams, Rafael Delgadillo, Tom Collett, Aries Broadnax

Masters Division
Alan Leeds, David Martinez, Cal Tong, Dan Chan, Fred Lee, Jim Mullen

Scores were tallied for the standard, and the winner was Luke Adams, who won both the magicians' award AND the People's Choice award. Tom Collett came in a very close second. And this was the first competition for both Luke and Tom!

Tom Collett, Luke Adams

All performers did a great job, repeating their routines 5 times to accommodate the huge crowd.

Thanks for supporting this magical annual event!