Meeting Report - June 8, 2022: Justin Miller Lecture


Mitch Kothe introduced creative close-up magician Justin Miller at the Ring 216 online lecture of June 8, 2022. With cards and coins Justin demonstrated his outside-the-box solutions to creative magical problems.


In his hands, a card case with deck inside disappeared and turned into the folded selected card. Four coins suddenly appeared arranged in a square on the table. He changed a half dollar into a Chinese coin using a new “drop” technique that enthralled the technical coin magicians. Then three coins passed from a box into a shot glass one by one. A highlight of the evening was Justin’s “shadow” technique, creating a series of eye-popping effects: a coin dropped from one hand to the other vanishes midway through its journey, a card visibly changes as it is dropped on the table, three cards disappear one by one thin air. Justin closed with his version of a classic Paul Harris effect: a mirror causes a coin to appear, which multiplies into three coins, and then everything vanishes.