Meeting Report: January 2021 - Richard Osterlind Lecture

     Ring 216 was pleased to start the new year with an inspiring lecture by Richard Osterlind. From his home in front of his bookshelves, before a large Zoom audience, Richard conversationally taught many of his favorite effects. He delved into the development of many subtle points of their presentation that had been honed over the years to produce the maximum audience impact.

       Richard opened with his famous center tear. Many audience members had questions that he answered with great care and with close-up demonstrations of the fine points (for which Zoom was well-suited). He then described his book test and discussed his presentation philosophy for the revelation of spectator’s thoughts. The great power of the swami gimmick and of spoon bending became apparent in Richard’s hands. Numerous other mental effects were discussed at the members' suggestion.

       He was generous with his time and was willing to share many anecdotes of his performing life, stories of his methods of creation, and his thoughts on blending his natural personality with the performing persona of a serious mentalist. He himself embodied one of his key pieces of advice: after you have practiced any magical skill at length, “The final outcome is - you’re the magic. Because you can’t analyze it. It is you.”