Meeting Report - Dec 8 2021: Remote Magic Competition

   The Second Annual Ring 216 Remote Magic Competition, Omicron Edition, was held over Zoom on December 8, 2021. This year there were six performers interacting with an onscreen audience of more than thirty households.

  Satvik Balakrishnan started the evening off, using fire to make all the candy names listed on a piece of paper vanish except the candy previously chosen by a spectator. James Chan showed his prowess with the Three Shell Game. Dan Chan instantly solved a Rubik’s cube and performed a psychological Stroop word/color test that resulted in a prediction of a spectator’s chosen color and the production of a selected drink.

   Meriam al-Sultan had two spectators choose cards from two decks; the decks were shuffled, and then in a series of choices the spectators themselves found their cards again. Then she tore the two cards and magically fused the halves together to make new combined cards, which she gave away (by mail).

   Bri “the Elf” Crabtree charmed with her display of a ring that repeatedly penetrated onto a rope. Mitch Kothe mystified with a set of card foolers.

   First place in the competition went to Bri the Elf. Second place went to Meriam. And all of the performances were enjoyable. Thank you, performers!

   Tom C. was the tech and vote manager, Gary G. was the master of ceremonies.