Meeting Report: Oct 13 2021 - Focus on Learning and Performing

The theme was “Focus on Learning and Performing” at the October 13, 2021 remote meeting of Ring 216 (over Zoom). John Morgan lectured on how to achieve a clear and resonant voice without straining your throat. He led everyone in a series of exercises, and soon everyone was sounding like a professional speaker. Then Tom Collett presented a talk full of tips on how to make a handkerchief disappear and streamers appear; everyone gave him two thumbs up!

There followed a sharing section on recent books and effects people enjoyed. Then came the open performance and workshop portion of the evening. New attendee Jonathan Chen made cards change size and instantly solved a Rubik’s Cube. Paprika tried out a new script she was working on for the linking rings. Rafael found two cards that a remote spectator had chosen from their own deck. Grant Gomez made three coins appear, teleport, and disappear. Vijay K predicted which card a spectator will name. David Martinez employed the help of an innocent toy in divining the word a spectator chose from any page in a book. Afterwards the audience provided helpful comments to the performers.