Parlor/Stage Competition Rules

To Enter

Any member in good standing may sign up for this competition by simply sending an e-mail or by phoning any one of the officers.  Sign up as early as possible; sign ups will be accepted up to 24 hours before the scheduled competition is to begin.

The Venue

Our aim is to replicate a genuine stage setting as closely as we can. Spectators will be positioned a minimum of 6 feet away from the performer, who will be framed by a curtain backdrop. While the club provides some tables, they might not meet your precise requirements, so please bring your own if you have specific needs. A sound system will be available; should your act require music, bring it along. You can play it from your phone and you'll be able to plug it into the sound system.


  • Only paid up members of Ring 216 are eligible to perform.
  • Parlor magic is characterized by acts that can be fully performed within a 4 x 8 foot space, with a minimum distance of 6 feet from the audience. The performance and audience areas are on the same level, and the setup may optionally feature elements like a draped table and chairs. Any additional props must be brought in, set up, and removed by the magician within the designated time. This format is ideally suited for more intimate settings. Consider parlor magic as the intermediate realm bridging the intimacy of close-up magic and the grandeur of stage performances.
  • Performances must be accomplished in 6-8 minutes (depending on the number of competitors). A penalty will be assessed if the performance runs under or over the time limits above.
  • No fire or adults-only (blue) material. No danger acts.
  • No engaging with the audience before the start of your act.
  • Points will be taken off your score if you exceed the max time limit or violate any other rules
  • You will be expected to help out with the execution of the competition event when you are not competing (ie...handing out pencils, ballots, timer, explaining rules, guiding lay people to their tables, gathering stuff back, etc...)


The performances will be judged by all magicians in the audience. The decision of the judges, president and board is FINAL.  Performers will be rated in three categories using a scale of 1 to 6 in each (six being the best mark possible).  The three categories are:

Originality - Did the participant add his/her own elements and personality to the routine? Did he/she create something new that we haven't seen before?

Presentation - Did the participant maintain eye contact with the audience, reduce unnecessary movements or habits, and present themselves in suitable attire with correct posture, clear speech, and an appropriate pace?

Technique/Technical - Did the participant flash, reveal, or fumble over techniques or patter?

Magical/Entertainment Value - Were the effects magical in nature, entertaining in the presentation and was the finish clearly understood and related to the presentation?