Nov. 11, 2020: Ryan Kane Masterclass

DATE: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

TIME: 7:30 p.m. PST

We're excited to announce that on Nov. 11, 2020, San Francisco's own Ryan Kane comes back to Ring 216 for an exclusive online masterclass!

First, he'll teach you some great routines you can perform, then he'll provide feedback on performances by 10 members of Ring 216. Lecture notes will be offered.

Would you like performance feedback from a working pro? Paid members of Ring 216 can sign up by sending email to We only have time for 10 performances, so if there are more than 10 signups, we will have a lottery.

This event will be broadcast on Zoom at no charge to Ring 216 members and friends. You must be signed up with the Ring 216 mailing list to receive the Zoom link


A message from Ryan

Good feedback begins with good questions. Know what you want to get out of any performance, including this masterclass.

Get specific and focus on the problems you are still having with your routine. General requests for feedback or praise often yield nothing of value.

Do NOT ask:

  • “Do you have any ideas?”
  • “Tell me what could be better.”
  • “What do you think?”
  • “Do you have a good line for this part?”

Instead, ASK:

  • “Tell me which joke stood out to you as either great or terrible.”
  • “If I had to cut something, what should I cut?”
  • “What do you want more of?”
  • “What’s your best guess as to how the coin went into the bottle?” (For laypersons. You shouldn’t care about fooling magicians.)
  • “I’m having a problem with the audience member asking to turn the card over at this point. Why do you think that is?"

What question will you be asking at the Masterclass?

- Ryan


Before the masterclass: Officers Elections

Before the masterclass, IBM Ring 216 will hold its yearly election of officers. This will take place right at 7:30 p.m., so please be on time! See the previous post for more details.

IBM Ring 216 nomination of officers and invitation for new candidates

Greetings IBM Ring 216 Members,

On November 11th, IBM Ring 216 will hold its yearly election of officers.

This is an opportunity for Ring members to get involved with leadership of the club. As an officer you will have a vote in the clubs direction, provide a valuable service, expand your social network, meet new magicians and have fun.

The nominating committee has been looking for candidates over the past two months. As a result of this the following candidates have been approved as nominees for the November elections for 2021:

  • President: David Martinez
  • Vice President: John Mosch
  • Secretary: Gary Goldberg
  • Treasurer: Tom Collett
  • Sergeant at Arms: Mitch Kothe
  • Social Media Officer: Dan Chan
  • President Emeritus: Calvin Tong

All paid up Ring 216 members are invited to submit their names to also be considered as a nominee for any of the above positions. Deadline will be October 27th.

Also any Ring 216 member can challenge final nominees by a floor nomination at the election. Ring membership must be validated at the election to be nominated as a floor candidate. If we have more than one nominee for a position then a secret ballot will be held to determine the winner.

For inquiries, contact Fred and Cal at

Thank you,

Ring 216 Nominating Committee

Fred Rasmussen, past president 2010, 2011

Cal Tong, past president 2012-2015

Coming Oct. 14: Lecture by Mario the Magician and Katie Marchese

Oakland Magic Circle and Ring 216 are thrilled to host a live online lecture by Mario Marchese and Katie Marchese: Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020, at 7:30 p.m. PT

In this lecture, Mario discusses, demos, and explains a selection of the most successful routines he’s developed specifically for Zoom/screen magic for kids.

And Katie chats about how we’ve approached this brave new world from a business & marketing standpoint to make it both fruitful and super enjoyable/fulfilling.

Katie and Mario jumped right into content creation and virtual magic early in March and recently finished up a 5 month residency creating weekly livestreams for Make: Magazine. They learned a TON since March, and are sharing what they've learned. They did an intensive, four-hour workshop for magicians on these topics… the lecture would be a much more condensed version.

This lecture is free for members and friends of IBM Ring 216. THE ZOOM LINK WILL BE SENT VIA EMAIL TO PEOPLE ON THE RING 216 MAILING LIST.

You can join the mailing list here ›

Meeting Report: Sep 2020 - Sharing and Open Performances

Ring 216 held a remote Sharing and Open Performances meeting on September 9, 2020. Hosted on the Zoom platform, the meeting began with “Sharing is Caring,” where each attendee was invited to share something magical they have done or enjoyed recently. The shared ideas included sound and light equipment and staging tips for performing over Zoom, recommendations for books, podcasts and videos, the best economical rope, and, of course, the latest tricks to purchase. In the Open Performance segment, Rafael Delgadillo presented cards that changed color, Dan Chan levitated, David Martinez very fairly found a selected card at a named number, Gary Goldberg told a fortune with alphabet cards, and Peter Apel wowed with a fish that swam into his ear and an amazing appearing sopapilla.

Join us for our September meeting: Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020

DATE: Wednesday, September 9, 2020
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PDT
Click this link to start the meeting in Zoom

For our September meeting, we've decided to take a break and instead just get together and share. We'll divide the meeting into two parts:
  • Sharing is Caring: Everyone is asked to share a book review, a trick, a website, an article, a podcast... whatever you think your fellow magicians would like to know about. You'll get up to 3 minutes to tell the audience what it is, why you like it, and why the rest of us will like it.
  • Open Performance: Perform a routine in a friendly, supportive, noncompetitive environment. This can be a polished trick or just something you're working on. If you want feedback, we can provide it.
If you're new to our club, this is a great opportunity to perform for the group, which is a requirement to continue to be part of the club.