Online meeting for April 8th

Dear members and friends of Ring 216,

We're excited to get together with you this Wednesday, April 8, at 7:30 p.m. for a special online-only meeting.

Here's the agenda
  • Welcome and check-in: Round-robin discussion of how everybody's doing
  • "Sharing is caring": Share an idea, book, trick review, or other magic-related information with the group
  • Discuss ideas for performing online via video
  • Perform a routine for the group and get feedback
How to participate
We're using the platform provided by the IBM organization, Zoom, to run this online video meeting. You can participate using the Zoom app (for iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows) or any web browser. 

Watch a video with instructions ›

When to participate
The meeting will take place on Wednesday, April 8, at 7:30 p.m. Check your email for the link, or send me a request.
This is going to be an experiment, but it'll be fun!

Questions? Send email to

See you then!

David Martinez
President, Ring 216

Update on March 11th meeting

Dear members and friends of Ring 216,

I wanted to give you a quick update on the status of this month's Ring 216 meeting on Wednesday, March 11th. As of now, we have the room at the Yu-Ai Kai Senior Center and it will be open to us for our meeting.

However, since we don't have any idea how many people will be able to make it, we're going to scrap any kind of formal agenda. Instead, feel free to share a routine or move you're working on, talk magic, and just hang out with your friends in magic for an hour or so.

Of course, if you're sick or you've been exposed to the virus, please use good judgment about whether to attend.

Stay safe and healthy!
David Martinez
President, Ring 216

Coming March 11th: Raffle, Open Performances, More

Join us on Wednesday, March 11th, for our next Ring 216 meeting featuring small group performances and plenty of time to share and catch up.

We hope you're free to spend an evening with your family in magic. We had planned for a lecture by Nick Lewin, but unfortunately, Nick had to cancel due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances.

So this month, we're going have a regular meeting with some stuff:
  • Raffle. If you're a member, you'll get a free ticket for the raffle, and if you win, you can choose from several tricks, books, and/or DVDs donated by the officers. You can even bring an item to donate.
  • "Sharing is caring." We invite you to share something useful: a product review, an interesting tip or piece of advice, a special move… whatever you think people will benefit from.
  • Open performances with feedback. You'll have the chance to perform a trick or routine and get feedback if you want. We'll prioritize time for members who need to fulfill their requirement to perform at least once per year. This is the perfect way to get help and ideas from your fellow magicians in a low-stress environment.
For whatever time remaining, we'll have casual time to catch up and share ideas and thoughts. This is a great opportunity to re-connect with your friends, learn something new, and enjoy some fun magic.

Coming Feb. 12: Jason Ladanye Free Lecture

On Feb. 12, Jason Ladanye will be lecturing at Ring 216. He’ll be performing all new, never before seen material from his new book, Game Changer. He’ll be teaching a few classics from his first book, Confident Deceptions as well as a few unpublished effects that will be part of his third book! Here’s a chance to see the material before it appears in print.

Jason has appeared on ABC’s 20/20 and Inside Edition exposing crooked gambling scams. He’s performed at Turning Stone, Mohegan Sun, and Foxwoods Casinos and consulted for the Broadway show Cheers Live on Stage. He’s currently touring with his new two-man show: Mind Games. Jason will share some of the material from the show that’s selling out theaters!

In this lecture, Jason will be teaching mostly self-working effects, or tricks that use a few very common sleights. Jason proves that you can still achieve mind-blowing miracles without relying on knuckle busting sleights.

In addition to teaching hard-hitting and powerful card effects from his latest set of lecture notes, Jason will be sharing insights on misdirection, sleights, spectator management, character development, scripting, practicing, rehearsing, performing, dealing with hecklers, effect construction, booking gigs, marketing, and much much more.

DVDs, books, lecture notes, close-up mats and practice mirrors will all be available after the lecture. Don’t miss it!

Date: Feb. 12, 2020
Time: 7:30 p.m.
Location: Yu-Ai Kai Senior Community Center

THIS LECTURE IS A FREE GIFT FOR PAID MEMBERS OF IBM RING 216. Non-members can join the Ring at the meeting for $25.

Meeting Report: January 8, 2020 - Carisa Hendrix Lecture

Say you have a three-month residency at the Chicago Magic Lounge—you do walkaround with only three minutes at each table—by trial and error you work up an act that not only wows the folks but gets them to like you as a person, with the associated large tips. What do you do with everything you have learned? If you are CARISA HENDRIX you tell all in a fast-paced, experience-filled lecture that leaves the magicians gasping, as she did at the heavily-attended January 2020 meeting of IBM Ring 216. With her boundless energy and never-ending openness, she detailed not only every moment of her successful three-minute routine, but also the deep thinking on the principles of social interaction that guided her performances.

Carisa stressed the principle of social currency when first approaching a table. Immediately give value: the audience doesn’t owe you anything. So she starts off right away with strong earring magic (with tips for adapting the routine for those magicians who do not wear long earrings). She explained the three essentials for quickly establishing an identity the audience can relate to and the value of calling back to that identity at key moments in the routine. The goal of efficiency of audience management was demonstrated in a swift pickpocket routine. Loud environment? She can do her act without words: it’s all in the eyes and the checking-in with the spectators. With an Okito box routine and a Tommy Wonder prediction trick she not only could fool them in three minutes, but she was prepared to use the same props to go on longer if the audience insisted. As a bonus, she revealed all the details of the book production she performed (as Lucy Darling) on Penn and Teller’s fool us.

Above all, Carisa stressed the importance of empathy. The best thing you can give the audience is everything: your story, your smile, your attention. Make them feel seen. Really listen. Talk to them like a person. This ability to form a one to one connection is the highest achievement of the unique art of close up magic. Carisa made everyone in the room feel like this just might be within their grasp, too.