Coming in June: Ring 216 Online Auction

Got magic stuff you want to get rid of? Is there anything you have your eye on? Invite your magical friends and join us for our first-ever online auction!

 DATE: Wednesday, June 9. 2021

TIME: 7:30 p.m. PDT

HOW: Live online via Zoom

COST: No cost

All members and non-members are invited!

How to buy stuff

Just show up for the Zoom call! You can bid on as many items as you want. You will arrange payment and shipping information with the seller directly. We'll share a Google spreadsheet where sellers will list their payment/shipping information.

How to sell your stuff

Anybody on this email list is invited to sign up for a slot to sell their stuff. For time purposes, we're going to limit the seller list to no more than 20 people. We will prioritize paid members of Ring 216, but otherwise it is first come, first served.

Here are more details:

-Sellers will be invited to share pictures of their items in our Facebook group.

-Sellers get a limited amount of time to offer their items during the auction. The amount of time will be based on the number of sellers.

-Sellers will update the Google spreadsheet with their payment information (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) and shipping costs to make it easier for buyers.

-The Ring will record the session to act as a backup in case there is any question about buyers and sellers.

-Sellers and buyers will arrange their own payment, shipping, and pickup details.

-The Ring will do what we can to help, but buyers and sellers are responsible for their own transactions.

-The Ring will not take a percentage of any sales. The profits are yours to keep!

To sign up or ask questions, contact David at

Coming May 12: Lecture by Suzanne

Another exciting lecture coming up in May as Ring 216 welcomes the legendary Suzanne!

DATE: Wednesday, May 12, 2021
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PDT
HOW: Live online via Zoom
COST: Free for paid 2021 members of Ring 216; $15 for non-members
Zoom link will be sent to members and other paid attendees on the day of the event.

Audiences all over the country have been falling in love with Suzanne since 1985. She resides in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota and can be seen locally there at Birch's on the Lake, Lord Fletcher's Old Lake Lodge and Rockwood's.

Her engaging style makes the audience an essential participant in her performance. Other respected professional magicians have called her "flawless" and "amazing". She is a favorite at Hollywood's famous Magic Castle and was awarded Close Up Magician of the Year for 2010 by The Academy of Magical Arts. Her specialty is close-up magic for corporate and private events.

For Ring 216, Suzanne will lecture about restaurant magic and strolling magic.

Meeting Report: April 2021 - Francis Menotti Lecture

The members of Ring 216 were pleased to host Francis Menotti for a live Zoom lecture at their April 14, 2021 meeting.  A compendium of creative effects infused with Francis' thoughtfully off-center presentations, the lecture followed up each presentation of a routine with the philosophy of performance that led to its creation and use.

Francis’ opener was “Shunuffled,” an example of finding an opener that one is very comfortable with, reveals one's personality, and surprises the audience and forces them to focus. Next, an effect of writing with an invisible pen demonstrated his approach to the question, “How do I take an impossibility and make it more interesting?” Sleight of hand was then given added intrigue in a routine with three coins, two of which were shown to have only one side each, and an effect with a coin that vanishes when covered with a piece of nothing. A calculator effect with a spooky premise illustrated the Paul Harris maxim, “When you find a piece of strange, ask how to make it magical.”

Francis recounted in detail his two “Fool Us” performances, the first using Scrabble to divine a thought-of word and the second, “Boxed”, employing metaphysics to switch the properties of a wooden box and a deck of cards. There were many more effects discussed, including his unique razor swallowing routine. At last, in response to the audience question, “Where does inspiration come from?”, he answered that it comes from surrounding yourself with good people. His concluding advice: magic is a small community, go ahead and reach out to anyone whose work you admire.

Meeting Report: March 2021 - Eric Jones Lecture


   Eric Jones received a warm welcome for his live Zoom lecture for the March 2021 meeting of IBM Ring 216. It was a large and diverse audience, yet his presentation was designed for all skill levels and he generously answered questions on every effect. 

   He opened by changing a catalog picture of a coin into a real coin, leaving a blank space behind. Then, with the greatest detail, he taught his coin routine in which three fly from hand to hand. Although it involved some sophisticated techniques, he taught every move and everyone was able to learn from it. Notable was his care and thoroughness in giving credit to the magicians whose creations he had built on. 

   Eric then moved to cards and a very magical-looking assembly of the aces. He spoke on the subject of creating conviction for Zoom magic, including using a deck that he had mailed out previously to participants for shuffling. He explained a sleight-free version of a Paul Harris effect in which a signed selected card, trapped between two other cards, disappears and reappears. Eric also presented a bare hand production of a Sharpie marker and, as a knuckle-buster, some work on Fred Robinson’s rising card. 

   Among the many questions Eric answered, beyond those related to the effects taught, were what to do about finger windows (his solutions include jewelry), his appearances on America’s Got Talent and Penn and Teller (in which he had presented his favorite effect), how he performs for people in social situations, and his favorite magic books, among which he rates Ascanio’s highly.

Coming March 10: Lecture by Eric Jones


Another exciting lecture coming up in March as Ring 216 welcomes a modern maestro of magic, Eric Jones!

DATE: Wednesday, March 10, 2021
TIME: 7:30 p.m. PST
HOW: Live online via Zoom
COST: Free for paid 2021 members of Ring 216; $15 for non-members
Zoom link will be sent to members and other paid attendees on the day of the event.

Regarded by his peers as one of magic's rising stars, Eric Jones has made quite a name for himself in the world of magic. Armed with cunning sleight of hand and a charming personality, he will astound you with his digital dexterity.

Eric's lecture will challenge you to look at your magic in a whole new light after discussing ways to make close-up effects play to large audiences, redirecting attention rather than misdirecting it, how to properly block/stage performances to both conceal method as well as optimize the audience reaction to the magic. These and other ideas will be discussed while you learn some of Eric's award-winning magic.

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