Performance & Critique at March 8th Meeting

When: Wednesday, March 8th, 2017
Where: Yu-Ai Kai Community Center

7:30 PM - Main Meeting - Awards, Raffle, & Open Performances w/ Critique

Join us on the evening of March 8th, at that regular magic place and magic time, for the distribution of awards from our 2016 competitions. And even if you didn't compete you can still go home a winner, as we will be having a raffle for all paid up members present at the meeting.

Then the majority of our meeting will be devoted to open performances, with time for critique / feedback from your fellow magi if desired. Please bring your works in progress, or even your favorite gem looking for that extra bit of polish, to share with the group. Come ready to help your fellow magi improve his or her craft with your constructive feedback. If you're not ready for feedback that's okay too -- simply let us know that you'd prefer to perform only.

To accommodate as many performers as possible please plan to perform a piece no longer than 5 or 6 minutes in length in order to allow time for brief feedback.

February 8: Free Lecture by Jeff Prace

Ring 216 is committed to sharing great magic experiences with you, our members. And for the first time ever, we want to thank you for being part of our community by providing a magic lecture FREE OF CHARGE to our members.

So mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 8, at 7:30 p.m., and join us for an evening of creative, unique magic from Jeff Prace. All members of Ring 216 who have renewed their membership for 2017 will get to enjoy the lecture at no cost. And if you haven't renewed, you can do so at the meeting!

“Jeff Prace is a very talented magic inventor!” – David Copperfield
“This kid is DANGEROUS!” – Paul Harris
“Jeff Prace pushes the boundaries of traditional magic. A rising star.” – MAGIC Magazine

After working with Paul Harris Presents, Dan&Dave, The Blue Crown, Penguin Magic, Murphy’s Magic Supplies, Kozmo Magic, Wizard FX Productions, and TRCKY, and being published in Genii, MAGIC, Reel Magic, Antinomy, Magicseen, Vanish, and The Linking Ring, Jeff Prace is coming to San Jose!

Known to be one of magic’s most forward young thinkers, Jeff Prace has become recognized in the community for his unique, offbeat style of magic. At only 22 years old, he’s consulted for top TV magicians in Las Vegas, performed live on NBC’s TODAY show alongside David Copperfield, and writes a regular column for Genii, the largest-selling magazine for magicians.

Jeff will teach…
  • How to make the Bic logo permanently travel across a lighter
  • An ingenious method that causes the spectator’s headphones to play a song they were thinking of… when NOT PLUGGED INTO ANYTHING
  • A utility that turns your phone into an organic add-a-number pad
  • An IMPOSSIBLE transformation using borrowed pocket change and a borrowed camera phone
  • An organic transposition with ordinary key tags
  • And MUCH more…
Jeff will discuss his best-selling marketed products, including Gum, Keylicious, Fuze, The Silencer, Voices, and some new, soon-to-be-released items! All the while, Jeff will demonstrate how to be more creative in your own magic.

Get ready for an action packed, informative lecture that features magic with everyday objects.

As mentioned above, this lecture is a gift from Ring 216 to all our members as a thank you for your dedication to the club. That means all members who have paid their dues for 2017 can enjoy this lecture at no cost.

If you haven't joined up, this will be the perfect time to sign up for 2017 membership in Ring 216. This will get you discounted prices on all lectures and workshops for 2017 and more perks. The cost for annual membership is just $25, which covers the cost of our meeting space, insurance, and other expenses.

Questions? Send email to

We look forward to seeing you there!

Tony Clark: Workshop and Lecture, January 11

When: Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Where: Yu-Ai Kai Community Center

Tony Clark is a Magic Castle Stage Magician of the Year Nominee. He’s also an amazing lecturer, author, and award winning producer, with 16 smash hit live shows. You may have seen Tony on CBS’s World Magic Awards – winning Best Classical Magic – and on NBC’s Worlds Most Dangerous Magic II, CW’s Masters of Illusion and many more. Tony is also a consultant for major film and TV stars, coaching “A-List” celebrities like Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich. Most recently, Tony created a burning rose effect for Taylor Swift for the AMA Awards shown on ABC TV. For more information on Tony’s work go to:

All of Tony Clark’s magic incorporates principles of Timing and Misdirection learned during his formative years studying with the legendary Slydini. Tony was one of his last students. His new lecture features many brand new, never before revealed effects and routines and is a mix of close- up, stand-up and stage effects. These are the valued repertoire (plus the story and inspiration behind them) that Tony has wowed the world with over his 20+ years of professional magic. Visible and powerful, yet easy to learn magic effects that you’ll actually want to practice and use!

WORKSHOP: 5:00 - 7:00 PM
At the workshop, Tony will share details of his handling of Slydini's Paper Balls over Head and Slydini's Silks. As a student of Slydini, Tony knows how to make both true crowd pleasers. Tony will make available a set of silks at wholesale price (40% off) — just $15.

Workshop cost: $30 for paid Ring 216 members, $45 for non-members.
Please sign up for the workshop by sending email to

LECTURE: 7:30 - 10:00 PM
A few highlights from Tony’s exclusive lecture will be:

  • Tony Clark’s Okito Matches
  • Salt Pour
  • Presto Ring Flight
  • Drink coaster routine
  • Faceless Card effect
  • Impromptu Knife Thru Coat (You’ll be addicted to this)
  • Houdini’s Hanky – Tony’s handling of this classic routine is worth the price alone
  • Q & A about his new book
  • Insane deals and discounts on his entire product line!
  • PLUS... Tony will have a personal signing with his new book: Insider Secrets

Lecture cost: $15 for paid Ring 216 members, $30 for non-members.
No need to sign up for the lecture. Just show up!

Since this is the first meeting of the year, it will be the perfect time to sign up for annual membership in Ring 216. This will get you discounted prices on all lectures and workshops for 2017, plus an upcoming free lecture, and more perks. The cost is just $25.

2016 Stage Competition Winners

Congratulations and thank you to all the magicians performing in our Ring 216 Stage Magic Competition in December. A fantastic time was had by all with a total of 11 magicians competing.

The Standard Division contestants were Thomas Busk, Stephen Michael Patrick, Fred Rasmussen, Spencer Grey, and Sohum Mohda.

In the Masters Division, the contestants were Perry Yan, Calvin Tong, Fred Lee, Alan Leeds, John Jones, and Alan Sands.

The first place winner in the standard division was Spencer Grey, who also won People's Choice. In the masters division, the winner was Perry Yan, who also won People's Choice.

Photos from the evening can be found on our Facebook group page.

November Meeting Recap

In case you missed the Ring 216 action in November, here is a quick recap of the excitement.

The evening began with an informal pre-meeting workshop to review, practice, and discuss the  Garrett Thomas imagination coins routine covered in his workshop last month.

Then the main meeting began with a quick election of 2017 officers. We welcomed our new Sergeant-At-Arms, Thomas Busk!

President: David Martinez
Vice President: Calvin Tong
Secretary: Gary Goldberg
Treasurer: John Jones
Web Master: Stephen Sebeny
Sergeant at Arms: Thomas Busk

The main event was Open Performance night. Ten people volunteered to do about five minutes each. Those who desired it received a few minutes of audience advice and suggestions. These discussions showed our ring at its best: helping each other learn, bantering about ideas and jokes, and having an overall great time.

These were the performers this night:
  • Fred Lee opened with the mental divination of selected cards. 
  • Rafael Delgadillo presented a one-handed Oil & Water and full deck color separation. 
  • Gene Johannsen performed at the club for the first time. He impressed with Larry Jenmings' beautiful card penetration, "Close up illusion." He drew laughs with his "marked card" line.
  • David Martinez matched the colors on a Rubik's curve to a spectator's randomly scrambled cube, then solved the cube without looking at it. This was Greg Wilson's Rubicon, recently released, and new to most members.
  • Patrick Henderson used Liquid Luck to divine the cards that six spectators mentally selected from six packets, concluding with an envelope prediction - a clever presentation of Simon Aronson's "Histed Heisted."
  • Bill Jacobson surprised when he predicted how many cards will be taken by spectator and what card would be chosen using that number. At the end, a written prediction revealed he knew all along what would happen.
  • Sohum Moda induced a spectator to find a set of matching cards, which turned out to be he only eights in a deck full of threes.  
  • Spencer Grey, attending the club for only the second time, presented one of his favorite routines from his professional act, an entertaining effect that destroys a deck of cards and ends with the signed, selected card in his mouth (Hobson routine.)  He dies the routine often in walk around me stage. Ruins a deck each time. 
  • Cal Tong showed a coin box routine and added on a newly-learned effect in which a spectator cuts off cards that match a prediction (from Andy Nyman's "Fight Dirty" lecture notes).  
  • Oscar Bascara, a new member, gave his debut performance. He dared to perform a routine by Ponta the Smith, the Winged Silver from "Sick", and impressed us all.

Reminder: Stage Competition in December

This year's final competition, focusing on stage magic, will be held December 14th. There may be just one or two slots let for competitors, please contact David Martinez at if you wish to sign-up to participate in the competition.