Recap of Stage/Parlor Competition

Fantastic turnout at the IBM Ring 216 Stage/Parlor Competition coordinated by our President Cal Tong and Vice President Raahul Srinivasan.

Around 45 to 50 members and guests attended this magical event. In the standard division, we had the following competitors: David Gerard, David Martinez, Fred Rasmussen, Doug Eakin, and Nathan Hadsall. In the Masters Division, we had Phil Ackerly, Will Chandler, and Dan Chan.

Stage/Parlor Competition (Standard Division) Results:
First Place: David Gerard
Second Place: Nathan Hadsall
Third Place: Doug Eakin

Stage/Parlor (Standard Division) People's Choice Award
First Place: Nathan Hadsall

Stage/Parlor (Masters Division Results) will be announced at the Ring 216 Annual Banquet in January 2013. Contact Will Chandler for Tickets.

Amazing performances by all our experienced competitors! Thanks for making this last meeting of the 2012 year a memorable event.