Recap of last week's competition

Wow! That was a fantastic event last week at our Annual Walk Around Competition! With over 50 people in attendance including a record setting non-magician (laypeople) guests, we had 10 competitors amazing us with their magic!

In the Standard Division Walk Around Competition (including the People's choice Award), Raahul won first place and Perry Yan came in 2nd place by a matter of hairlines. Great job by Vikram, Fred Rasmussen and Fred Lee as well.

In the Masters Division Walk Around Competition (including the People's Choice Award), the following Magi's competed and amazed the audience: David Gerard, Dan Chan, Alan Leeds, John Jones, and David Martinez. As is customary, the results will be announced at our next Annual Ring 216 Banquet in January 2015.

The majority feedback is that the quality and level of magic really sky-rocketed in both the standard division and masters division. Great job by all our competitors!

I would like to thank everyone (at least 11 members) who helped me that night. It takes a great deal of effort to plan and execute a competition event. In addition, a million thanks to all of you who attended, filled out a ballot, brought guests, and provided valuable feedback to our magicians. As many of you know, I normally compete in the Masters divisions and run the competition event simultaneously. However, this year I have been a bit over-comitted so my apologies to those who were expecting to see me compete in the competition.

Here is a quick look at our future events:
- September, we have the legendary Jay Scott Berry lecturing for Ring 216
- October, we have our annual close up competition
- November, we have our annual officer elections for 2015 and Open Performance Night
- December, we have our annual stage competition event.

Looking forward to seeing you at all of these meetings!

Cal Tong
IBM Ring 216
San Jose, CA