April 12 Meeting and Workshops

Join us for our next monthly meeting on April 12, 2017, for a special night focused on performing tableside magic at restaurants and parties. Here's our agenda:

6:30 p.m.: Pre-Meeting Workshop on Elbow, Knee, Neck

Cal Tong has offered to continue his workshop from our last meeting about Daryl’s coin trick, Elbow, Knee, Neck.

7:30 p.m. Regular Meeting — Focus on Tableside Magic

Part 1: Stories and Tips on Booking and Performing in Restaurants

Spencer Grey performs weekly at Sam’s BBQ in San Jose, and he will deliver a mini-lecture on how he booked the gig and what he has learned performing there. In addition, JamesZini will share knowledge and stories about his restaurant gig at Mavericks Grill in San Jose. John Jones will talk about his work at Morocco’s Restaurant. And other magicians who perform in restaurants will be invited to join the conversation.

Part 2: Two Teach-in Sessions

We want to do something a little different and offer attendees the opportunity to learn two routines that are great for tableside magic. In one session, Cal Tong will teach an impromptu coin routine. In the other session, David Martinez will teach Pop Haydn’s Chicago Surprise card routine (with permission from Pop). After 20-25 minutes, we will switch groups, so that each group will get to attend each workshop.

Part 3: Social Time

We can spend the time remaining chatting and sharing. Water and cookies will again be provided.