Meeting Report: June 13, 2016 - Flea Market and Auction

At the June meeting, Ring 216 held its annual Flea Market and Auction. The members browsed among the collectible-crammed tables hunting for bargain miracles.  Many of the amazing wonders that did not sell at the flea market were offered at the auction that followed, a lively affair in which each seller acted as his own auctioneer. 
  Doug Eakin presented a bundle of classics such as Glorpy and, after spirited bidding, sold the whole lot for a happy price. He followed this up with a box of books, the some rice bowls and chocolate. 
  Phil Ackerly offered a number of trick/DVD combinations, a handmade mirror glass, and – his biggest item – a wireless microphone system with case. 
  Will Chandler, known for his role as auctioneer in previous years, gave a sample of his high energy spiel with a series of custom bundles designed just for this occasion: the Champagne Bucket Full of Magic, the Magic Hat Full of Magic, and the Matt King Signed Lunchbox of Magic.  
  Dan Chan had some useful items, and Fred Lee and Mitch Kothe found buyers for some newer mentalism effects. Danny Cheng concentrated on close up items, including a set of small linking rings. 
  Stan Sieler is owed special thanks for donating the proceeds of his comedy mentalism sale to the Ring.  
   Flea market sellers who did not also auction items included David Martinez, Jim Blaishek and Cal Tong, Don White with his crowd-funded Chinese coins, and the irrepressible book collector and dealer Byron Walker.