Meeting Report: July 10, 2019 - Open Performance Night

It was Open Performance Night, July 10, 2019, at Ring 216. Rafael Delgadillo (with a nod to Dani Da Ortiz) found a selected card at a named number from a shuffled deck. Fred Lee contemplated fear as his grandfather’s knife sliced through a spectator’s coat, yet the coat was unharmed. Ken King let a spectator psychically pair animals with Noah’s ark cards. Scott Frieda tossed a card into the deck four times, miraculously hitting an ace each time. Tetra tossed out a deck to have cards selected, which he then divined. David Martinez used the spectator’s imagination to make coins travel to and from their hands. John Mosch tried out a new Bannon packet trick. Sohum Modha finished the night with a quick series of card effects, including cutting to the four kings which then discovered the selected card.