Armando Lucero Magic Lecture on May 8th, 2024: Master of Poetic Magic

Armando Lucero represents the pinnacle of artistry in the world of magic. With decades of dedication to the craft, he has honed a unique approach that transcends mere tricks, elevating magic to a form of poetic expression. His profound knowledge and skill in sleight-of-hand are unparalleled, making each performance a masterpiece of precision and elegance.

When: May 8th, 2024 Where: Online via Zoom ONLY Fee: $20 for members and $30 for non-members PayPal ONLY - "friends and family" to Include your email address in the notes. Kindly complete your payment by noon on May 8th. Each payment Zoom access is for one person only, with no watch parties or link sharing permitted. Remember to set your Zoom name to the one used during payment, as this will be used to verify your entry into the lecture.

Armando's philosophy extends beyond technical mastery, focusing on the deep emotional connections that magic can forge between performer and audience. His teachings and performances inspire magicians globally, emphasizing the importance of integrity, artistry, and the pursuit of perfection in magic.

Join us as Armando Lucero brings not just a performance, but a transformative experience, reminding us all of the beauty and wonder that magic can bring into our lives.

Three compositions: One from Paper Cuts and two from The Hungry Imagination. Taco - Against All Odds - What Is Magic? Taco: A card merely thought of is found. Against All Odds: A spectator unwittingly finds four of a kind, but from a deck, they shuffled! What is Magic?: Matrix: Four coins sit apart at four corners with a card over each. After a moment, one by one, each coin vanishes until all four are found together in one corner. Script included. 

Join Armando for a moment of Shibumi

Shibumi: Shibumi, at least for me, is doing what I want when I want without those burdensome tension thoughts pulling me down -- just hanging in that sweet spot of precarious balance between too much and too little, an intersection of blissful fluctuation while sitting with cards, coins, and coffee. What is this about? It’s about the thinking behind magic, which involves psychology, specifically heuristics and sleight of hand over brute force techniques. Three tricks are shared, along with tangential effects, to stimulate the conversation.  What is this not about? It’s not about tricks and secrets alone, but rather an opportunity to ask questions and get a cursory glance at the thinking behind the magic from Armando’s point of view.