A Message from Cal Tong, President, Ring 216


I want to thank everyone for attending last nights event, "Celebrating the Magical Life of Mysterious Stan, Jr."

I was touched by the large number of Stan's family members who attended "The Tribute."  Similarly, I believe Stan's loved ones were also touched by our dedicated night to Mysterious Stan Jr.

This was the first IBM Ring 216 Broken Wand ceremony and I was honored to play a part in this important service.  It is my hope that our organization continues this tradition with the compassion that it deserves.

A big thank you to broken wand manufacturer Craig Ousterling and all of you who helped set up, tear down, and bring food/drinks (you know who you are).

A special thanks to our nine OUTSTANDING entertainers for the magical performances: Doug Eakin, John Jones, Ken King, Alan Leeds, Byron Walker, Fred Rasmussen, Patrick Reed, Scott Emo, and Will Chandler.    I took over 100 pictures last night and will be posting the highlights soon.

Niki came on stage (as the representative for Mysterious Stan's family) to accept our small gift, "a framed picture of the flyer for the event with Ring216 member signatures." Niki spoke of Stan from the perspective of their family and thanked us for the tribute and celebration. Out of the entire evening, it was Niki's speech that touched me the most.

Thank you again.

Cal Tong
IBM Ring 216
San Jose, CA