2016 Close-up Competition Winners

Congratulations and thank you to all the magicians performing in our Ring 216 Close-up Magic Competition last month. A fantastic time was had by all with a total of 13 magicians competing!

The Standard Division contestants, as pictured below, were (Danny) Cheng Li Gung, Aries Broadax, Ken King, Tom Collett, Bill Jacobson, and Solum Mocha.

Ring 216 Close-up Magic Competition 2016 - Standard Division
In the Masters Division the contestants, as pictured below, were Perry Yan, Calvin Tong, Luke Adams, Fred Mordecai Lee, Alan Leeds, Dan Chan, and John Jones.

Ring 216 Close-up Magic Competition 2016 - Masters Division
And now for the moment you've been waiting for! The first place winner in the standard division was Tom Collett, with (Danny) Cheng Li Gung receiving the honor of people's choice. While in the masters division Calvin Tong takes first place, with Perry Yan receiving the people's choice award.

Additional photos from the evening can be found on our Facebook group page.

This year's final competition, focusing on stage magic, will be held December 14th. Contact David Martinez at president@ring216.org if you wish to sign-up to participate in the competition.