November: Elections & Open Performances

When: Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
Where: Yu-Ai Kai Community Center

6:30 PM - Informal Workshop on Imagination Coins

Did you attend the Garrett Thomas workshop last month covering his imagination coins routine? If so, join us this month for an informal workshop to discuss and practice the routine.

7:30 PM - Main Meeting - Elections & Open Performances

The nominating committee (Fred Rasmussen & Will Chandler) have confirmed the following candidates as Ring 216 officers for 2017 to stand for election during our Nov 9th meeting.

President: David Martinez
Vice President: Calvin Tong
Secretary: Gary Goldberg
Treasurer: John Jones
Web Master: Stephen Sebeny
Sergeant at Arms: Thomas Busk

Any Ring 216 member can challenge final nominees by a floor nomination at the election. Ring membership must be validated at the election to be nominated as a floor candidate. If we have more than one nominee for a position then a secret ballet will be held to determine the winner. The election of officers will be determined by a majority vote of Ring 216 members attending the Nov 9th meeting. No absent voting ballets are acceptable.

The remainder of our main meeting in November will be devoted to open performances. Please bring your works in progress, or even your favorite gem looking for that extra bit of polish, to share with the group.

Our newest members are especially encouraged to perform at this evening's session. Additionally, we will be emphasizing the sharing feedback on the performances, when desired, so come ready to help your fellow magi improve his or her craft with your constructive feedback. If you're not ready for feedback that's okay too -- simply let us know that you'd prefer to perform only.

To accommodate as many performers as possible please plan to perform a piece no longer than 5 minutes in length in order to allow time for brief feedback.

Reminder: Stage Competition in December

This year's final competition, focusing on stage magic, will be held December 14th. Contact David Martinez at if you wish to sign-up to participate in the competition.